29 March 2015

11 Songs

  1. Of Monsters and Men - Crystals
  2. Mumford & Sons - Believe
  3. The National - Apartment Story
  4. Andrew Bird - Imitosis
  5. Cold War Kids - Hospital Beds
  6. Chad Stokes - Walter
  7. Modest Mouse - Strangers to Ourselves
  8. State Radio - Right Me Up
  9. Modest Mouse - Never Ending Math Equation
  10. DMB - Cornbread
  11. She & Him - Time After Time 

28 March 2015

Look ahead, young one

Currently looking forward to:

  • Eric Church in Hampton, VA
  • Easter
  • Baseball season
  • Sunny days
  • Warm weather
  • Really cold beer
  • Porch time
  • Fire pit time
  • Beach days
  • Fancy bourbon
  • Salty air
  • Salty bloody mary's all summer
  • Summer adventures
  • Summer nights
  • Tan Lines
  • New sunglasses

27 March 2015

No List Friday

"Brachiosaurus" was an answer on Jeopardy this week.

26 March 2015

Nerd Alert: Brand New Books

On Tuesday I picked up the new book, Becoming Steve Jobs.  This is the fourth book I have purchased on it's release date.  Becoming Steve Jobs joins quite an elite group:

  • The Pale King by David Foster Wallace
  • The Circle by Dave Eggers
  • Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett

30 January 2015

21 October 2014

No Netflix, No

I am not a movie person. I cannot stand going to the movies, woof. And anyway, usually I cannot sit still long to make it through an entire movie, or on the flip side, I will likely fall asleep midway through it.

That being said, the dozen or so movies that I like, I actually absolutely love, and can watch them over and over. Three of them include:

Recently Netflix removed all of them. 

Story of my life. 

20 October 2014


  • There are no words to describe how cool Legos really are.
  • I washed my duvet the other day, but once the ordeal was over, I didn't feel like stuffing my comforter back inside it, so as of now I just have a rumpled mess of duvet and comforter on my bed that I just kind of get tangled under every night. 
  • I am currently in love with the L.L. Bean 6" Signature Waxed-Canvas Maine Hunting Shoe. They have been out of stock for months, and it really bothers me.
  • When I hear the name Heathcliff I instantly think of Wuthering Heights AND a fat orange cat.
  • Currently rediscovering my love for Mad Men.
  • Currently rediscovering my love for Harry Crane.
  • Currently rediscovering my loathing of Pete Campbell. 
  • I have mooched off of friends or guys for Netflix for the past 4 years ... as of July, I am responsible for my very own account.
  • Moleskines 'til I die.
  • My favorite bra is going downhill fast, and I don't have a decent replacement on deck.