23 April 2015

x = 11 (Eric Church) Songs

I am not a huge fan of country music ... but I do love Eric Church, and am looking forward to seeing him tomorrow in Hampton, VA.

  1. Longer Gone
  2. Carolina
  3. Over When It's Over
  4. Smoke A Little Smoke
  5. Young and Wild
  6. I'm Gettin' Stoned
  7. Before She Does
  8. Springsteen
  9. How 'bout You
  10. Guys Like Me
  11. These Boots


with Keith Urban - Raise 'em Up

19 April 2015

11 [Marty's 1st Birthday] Songs

Today is this little monster's first birthday.

"The dogs on Main Street howl 'cause they understand" ... Springsteen

  1. Bruce Springsteen - Promised Land
  2. OAR - Daylight the Dog
  3. Elvis - Hound Dog
  4. Florence + the Machine - Dog Days Are Over
  5. Baha Men - Who Let the Dogs Out
  6. Paul Anka - Puppy Love
  7. Snoop Dogg - Who Am I?
  8. Dave Matthews Band - Alligator Pie
  9. Sublime - What I Got
  10. Eve - Dog Match
  11. The Fox and the Hound - Best of Friends 

15 April 2015

On Tinder ...

Tinder fascinates me. The other day I saw a guy's profile that opened with:

"I vape"
Really? That's what you lead with?

Guys ... take notes ... you'd attract more ladies if you eliminated pics featuring:

  • cargo shorts
  • fedora hats
  • soccer
  • hockey
  • reptiles
  • nautical star tattoos
  • neck tattoos
  • face tattoos
  • selfie sticks
  • bad teeth
  • anything mentioning Ohio
  • Dallas Cowboys hats
  • gauged ears
  • 'hehehe' instead of 'hahaha'
  • weird facial hair
  • American Eagle, Abercrombie, or Hollister t-shirts 
  • sunglasses with white frames
  • hand gestures

13 April 2015


  • Sometime last spring I was pulled over for being on my phone.  I was at a red light texting about Gossip Girl.  No regrets.
  • One of my best friends and I have matching tattoos.
  • I leave my mark on all books that I read.
  • Sometimes I really miss college.
  • Sometimes I am really glad I'm through with college.
  • Fat Delmar weighs 18 pounds.
  • Paper Towns was the third John Green book I read, and by far my favorite.
  • House of Cards is SO good. 
  • Call the Midwife is SO good.
  • My mom gave me a self help book. She passed it off to me by saying, "this book looks good; there's a bike on the cover, and you love bikes!"
  • I am pretty sure I have been conditioned to like Snoopy.  As a baby I had Snoopy curtains in my room, I had a Snoopy life jacket, Snoopy sticker book, Snoopy sheets, Snoopy tee shirts.  These days I usually get only Snoopy birthday cards, and occasionally Peanuts Christmas ornaments. .... and Snoopy Easter swag.

12 April 2015

Hot Yoga Uniform

Just when you thought you were an original.  I have been going to hot yoga for over a year. I have noticed an abundance of the following:

  • back tattoos
  • foot tattoos
  • fancy water bottles
  • resting bitch face
  • fancy yoga mats 
  • fancy yoga mat bags

11 April 2015

Meanwhile at Chipotle ...

I was in line behind the most annoying person at Chipotle. She ordered a salad, with:

  • "lots of lettuce,
  • lots of peppers,
  • some more peppers, sorry,
  • lots of pico,
  • lots of corn,
  • lots of guacamole,
  • actually a little more guacamole"
... she didn't say, 'thank you' once.

... and she reached over the glass to point at stuff.

Don't be that guy.