19 May 2007

Books in progress

I am going home for 2 weeks before I start my job --- I have a bad habit of starting to read multiple books at the same time ... this is one of those situations, these are the books I am planning on finishing while I am at home:

17 May 2007

Thought process

I had my final final on Monday morning. My professor announced, "I will be posting the results tonight for those of you anxious about your grades." By Wednesday morning there was still nothing ... by that point, I was checking about every 3 minutes ... then I decided to take a shower. That is when I really started to think:
  • she said she would post the grades Monday
  • it is now Wednesday and there are no grades
  • there must be a problem
  • more precisely, there must have been a problem with my exam
  • I am sure everyone else is accessing their grade right now
  • I must have forgotten to write my name on my exam
  • this explains why I do not have a grade yet
  • because my exam has no name, I will not receive any credit for it
  • oh my gosh, I am going to fail the class
  • holy moley, since I am failing this class, I won't be able to graduate
  • conclusion: my life is ruined

Shortly after I reached this conclusion, I checked online again ... no need to worry, my grade was posted ... I passed.

16 May 2007

Lost and found

Throughout my tenure at the library, I have always scoped out the lost and found just to see what people are losing these days. These are just some of the current things in the lost and found:
  • passport
  • Mason id's
  • a driver's license
  • sweater
  • silk scarf
  • flash drive
  • a heart with a creepy face and appendages
  • a copy of the Torah
  • books ... on lame subjects
  • a card to Lovey from Stephie Bear
  • notebooks
  • And lastly, a dollar ... yes, a $1 bill

14 May 2007

On being left handed

I am a minority ... I am left handed. I am rarely acknowledged for being able to function in a world created for the right handed majority ... I receive no scholarship money, special parking pass, tax deduction ... heck, there isn't even a "which hand do you write with" category on job applications. Am I bitter? Not at all. I have learned to adapt in the following ways.

  • operate the usual suspects ... can openers and scissors
  • write in spiral notebooks
  • identify whether or not a pen is going to smudge before using it
  • minimize smudging in general
  • tie my shoes
  • use a mouse
  • fasten zippers, snaps and buttons
  • conquer pretty much everything having to do with driving
  • shift gears on a bike
  • resist the urge to extend my left hand when shaking hands

I may be a minority, but I am also in an elite category. One that includes the majority of librarians and serial killers ... along with Oprah, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and Ned Flanders.

13 May 2007

Jesus freak

Last week, there was some crazy babbling guy on campus yapping about everyone who is going to hell ... he had a list:

12 May 2007

Observations at the library

Today I ditched a task at work in order to barricade myself in a study room and read ... these were some of the markings that decorated the walls:
  • a rather large wad of blue gum with a paper clip sticking out of the center of it
  • a drawing of a monkey with a power cord coming out of it's head
  • WO with a heart around it
  • R+S
  • "I can't take being alone anymore!"
  • lastly, written in orange highlighter, "I have 2 STDs!!"


  • Books: I always judge books by their cover ... additionally when browsing for books, I have a habit of reading the first and last page before I buy it.
  • People who drag their feet: I scowl at people who drag their feet when they walk --- the noise is like nails on a chalkboard to me.
  • Excessive participators: kids in class who feel the need to comment on virtually everything that the teacher says --- newsflash nobody cares about your opinion ... and you're ugly.
  • People who walk on the left side of the sidewalk: Hello, this is America ... move to the right.
  • Terrorists: they're just dumb

09 May 2007

Childhood ambitions

Growing up, I had big dreams of appearing on the following TV shows:
  • Wild & Crazy Kids
  • Guts
  • Supermarket Sweep
  • American Gladiators
  • Reading Rainbow

08 May 2007


Lately I have been passing my time obsessing and worrying about the following:
  • studying for Biology final
  • studying for International Law final
  • passing Biology
  • passing International Law
  • finding a place to live
  • being able to afford a place to live
  • hating working with Josh and Megan

Summer jams

Bands whose music just sounds better during the spring and summer:
  • Third Eye Blind
  • OAR
  • Dave Matthews
  • Sister Hazel
  • Better Than Erza
  • Carbon Leaf
  • Hootie & The Blowfish

05 May 2007

03 May 2007


I have always thought of myself as my own person. I like to think I do my own thing ... but let's face it, I am just as trendy as the next guy ... or girl.
  • I am all about tights with skirts
  • I love hot pink and black together
  • I drink MichUltra
  • I have a pair of boat shoes
  • Starbucks
  • Hilary Duff
  • iPod ... now all that is missing a Mac Book
  • sudoku puzzles
  • Verizon Chocolate
  • tote bag(s)

I think I need to be sent to detox ... as long as there is People Magazine and Real World/Road Rules Challenge I will be set ... doh!

02 May 2007


  • Every time I see a Kimberly-Clark brand soap dispenser in a public bathroom I have flashbacks to Reading Rainbow