29 June 2007


Not that I believe any of the babble associated with horoscopes, I do sometimes find them interesting:

  • June 24: You're feeling the need for more organization in your life. Clean out the junk and get things sorted before you get frustrated and can't find anything.
  • June 25: Google is about to take over your life - play responsibly. See how clever you can be today by attempting to count your lose change inside your pocket WITHOUT taking your hand or the money out. If you don't care what the weatherman says when the weatherman says it's raining - that's great!
  • June 27: And this was what was written in a sandwich in Mexico. Strangeness, huh? Raisins are a lovely dried up fruit. However, the old man who runs the hairdressers down the road, is not. The words you use to describe yourself may have to be revised today, after suffering what can only be described as "hell".
  • June 28: The stars indicate that walking under ladders is a bad idea for you this month. People say you make your own luck, but carrying around a sign that says "I'm needy and helpless" is probably not what they had in mind.
  • Jun 29: If you lose money today you can be assured that the nature of human kindness will mean you never see it again. This is because today the nature of human kindness is to be as mean as an old woman the day before pension day. Time is on your side, feel free to mix-it-up a little. Watch out for overweight dogs when it's raining.

What time is it?

I have 3 main clocks in my life:
  • the clock in my room
  • the clock in my car
  • my cell phone
None of them have the same time ... my cell phone is accurate, my room clock is 11 minutes fast, and my car clock is 16 minutes fast.

27 June 2007


Just some of the words I always misspell without the help of spellcheck ... and God:
  • calander
  • apprechiate
  • ackward
  • recieve
  • Chinease
  • mayonase
  • personell
  • extemely
  • refridgearator

26 June 2007

Problems with being a nudist

I have no desire of being a nudist --- these are some of the reasons why:
  • uncomfortable bike rides
  • leather seats in the summer
  • no place for pocket change
  • people can tell when you're cold
  • no buffers when you fall
  • stepping on:
    • glass
    • gum
    • dog crap
    • spit
    • gravel
    • bees
  • mandatory grooming, i.e. shaving
  • maintaining eye contact
  • nothing to absorb sweat
  • awkward family reunions

Technological advances

Inventions that absolutely boggle my mind:
  • elevators
  • escalators
  • umbrellas
  • telephones and cell phones
  • cameras
  • television
  • calculators
  • wrist watches
  • sun glasses
  • deodorant

24 June 2007

Polish Festival

Adam invited me to go to a "Polish Festival" in DC last night --- it wasn't quite Polish or a festival. It was a group of Polish impersonators doing Polish dances. Other things that disqualified it from being a festival include:
  • no vendor tents
  • no beer
  • no kielbasa
  • no Polish flags or paraphernalia
  • no one speaking Polish
  • no Poland Spring water

22 June 2007

Shout Out

People who have requested shout outs:
  • Emily Miller

And just to be fair, I'll send one out to God and Bob Barker

17 June 2007

Fenwick v. Red Cross

I recently started working in the archives department at the Red Cross. It took me all of .00887532 seconds to realize that the Red Cross work environment is a million times better than Fenwick. Differences between working at Fenwick Library and the Red Cross:
  • no drama/ gossip --- granted, I just started working, and I'm the runt in the department, but there are not people running around getting off on the latest gossip
  • no Megan McDonnell and Josh Wall ... probably my two least favorite people on this plant ... they're completely worthless, and I am now convinced that they will be lifers at Fenwick
  • $$ I get paid more $$
  • people acknowledge your existence ... i.e. say 'hi' and 'bye' you know, basic human interaction that is non existent at Fenwick
  • I'm not surrounded by computer books and nerdy mutants all day

16 June 2007

Snail Mail

I hate the term 'snail mail' ... e-mail comes along and all of a sudden mail gets demoted to snail mail. I think it is sad and not fair ... with progressive technology, mail is becoming a notion of the past. I love mail, all aspects of it; sending, receiving, opening packages, picking out new stamps, getting postcards. Anyway, yesterday I mailed a bunch of stuff:
  • Father's Day card
  • a Father's Day card from the cat
  • a card to my brother with a Dale Jr. decal in it
  • thank you cards for my graduation gifts

12 June 2007


No matter how much I try, I can never seem to finish the following:
  • lotion
  • gum --- I usually lose it before I finish the pack
  • dental floss
  • bad books --- if a book loses my attention, it usually becomes a wounded soldier to me
  • chap stick
  • eye shadow
  • any drink/ shot that contains Yager

11 June 2007

Graduation gifts

I graduated from college. People gave me stuff!
  • flowers from my parents
  • pearls
  • a bracelet
  • my crazy Grandma got me an iron and renewed my AAA membership
  • lots of free drinks from my friends which led to me demise the first night that I was home
  • America: The Last Best Hope
  • Son of a Witch: A Novel
  • Caribou Coffee gift card
  • money, money, money
  • and some really nice cards
On a side note, George Mason still hasn't sent me my diploma.

07 June 2007

The daily grind

So I am new to the job world ... thus, I'm new to daily challenge of conquering traffic twice a day. I really don't like it ... these are some of the reasons why:

  • horrible drivers everywhere
  • my car eats through gas
  • breaks that have recently started squeaking
  • being completely stopped next to a "Speed Limit 50 MPH" sign
  • apparently I have a slow leak in one of my tires ... I'm sure it will explode at the most inopportune time
  • morning radio is lame
  • stop and go traffic makes me nauseous