26 April 2007


lush2 (lŭsh) Slang.
A drunkard. intr.v., lushed, lush·ing, lush·es.
To drink liquor to excess.

How my favorite alcoholic beverages became my favorite:

  • SoCo and Lime
    • it is pretty much the only shot I can do without shivering/ convulsing/ wondering if I am going to survive ... I have introduced it to the majority of my friends, who after a few rounds, concede that it is awesome
  • Amaretto Sours
    • introduced by Megan Farrell
  • Vanilla Coke and Rum
    • only the greatest concoction ever ... stumbled upon it by grabbing Vanilla Coke instead of classic Coke to drink with my beloved Bacardi Lemon ... the rest is history ... oh yeah, until Vanilla Coke was discontinued

25 April 2007


I checked my mailbox today ... this is what was in it:

  • 2 lame-o summer jobs flyers
  • a pickup slip for A Drinking Companion
  • Alan and Lindsay's wedding invite
  • Post- It sample pack that I sent away for months ago ... yes!

22 April 2007

Money, money, money

While I am big fan of all things money, I am not a big fan of work ... therefore I must find ways to compensate. These are a few of the places I am always on the lookout for forgotten/ lost/ unclaimed change:

  • the soda and vending machines on my hall
  • washing machines and dryers in the laundry room
  • although the laundry facilities are free, I always press the "change return" button just in case some schmuck attempted to pay
  • the soda and vending machines at work
  • copiers at the library
  • the ground ... all the time ... I stop for pennies with no shame
  • lastly, I am always on the lookout for quarters/dimes/and nickels in the handy "have a penny/take a penny" change dishes

17 April 2007


This past weekend I went home ... These are the places I ate at:
  • Applebee's
  • Sonic
  • Hot Dog King
  • Lonestar

13 April 2007

My Easter basket

Last week was Easter Sunday --- as usual the Easter Bunny stopped by my parent's house ... he left me some cool stuff:
  • money
  • headbands
  • 2 boxes of chocolate covered raisins
  • lots of Nestle Crunch Eggs
  • straws
  • camo Nalgene water bottle
  • anti - Che Guerra tee shirt

Worst case scenario

I currently work at Fenwick Library ... if all goes according to plan, I will graduate in May and I have a job lined up with the Red Cross starting at the beginning of June. Things never work out the way I plan ... this is the worst case scenario:
  • fail International Politics or Biology ... or both ... fail to graduate
  • attempt to juggle summer school and work
  • get lost on the way to orientation for the Red Cross
  • lose job with the Red Cross as a result of being late for orientation
  • flunk out of summer school from being bummed about loosing job with the Red Cross
  • become homeless due to lack of income
  • flee from collection agencies that are after my student loans, but I have no money to pay them ... heck, I did not even graduate
  • seek re-employment at Fenwick Library
  • loathe my job for the rest of my life

02 April 2007

The great outdoors

Today is a beautiful spring day ... the perfect type of day for sitting outside and reading or getting some work done. I envy the people who are able to do these things ... I am not one of them; I get distracted by almost anything imaginable.
  • typical outside things like trees, grass, bushes, and flowers
  • sneezing caused by typical outside things like trees, grass, bushes, and flowers
  • squirrels and birds
  • ugly people
  • clouds
  • the sun
  • people on bikes
  • the music on my ipod
  • pages 1-300 of whatever book I am attempting to read
  • ugly couples
  • cracks in the sidewalk
  • unathletic people attempting to play catch
  • the wind
  • people walking dogs
  • basset hounds
  • my cell phone
  • clicking my pen
  • the sound of people walking in flip-flops
  • being uncomfortable because I have started to sweat
  • obsessing about being thirsty and/or hungry
  • obsessing about all the work I should be doing

01 April 2007

April Fools

I braced myself as I went to bed last night. Growing up, it seemed as if my mom waited all year for April 1st. I cannot adequately express the joy she got from relentlessly tricking my sister, brother, and I. We never knew what to expect. These are just a few of the many lies we heard on April Fool's Day.
  • it snowed last night
  • school is cancelled
  • your socks are untied
  • your shoes are untied
  • your shirt is on inside out/ backwards
  • she always convinced us is was a different day of the week than what it actually was
  • every Newton family pet had babies on April 1st
  • when we got back from school she would claim that our teachers had called and we were in trouble
At round 9 this morning my brother called ... he just wanted to let me know that my car had a flat tire.