31 January 2008

Farewell January

I am a control freak. I believe this applies to the fact that I get extremely sad/mad about the conclusion of months. I have no control over the fact that it will never be January 2008 again ... ever. Thus, I am trying to look on the bright side of things:
  • January is cold, that stinks
  • it's closer to being warm outside
  • January 2008 was not bad to me ... I should appreciate that
  • 1 month closer to being done living with you-know-who
  • Lent starts next week
  • I ordered this from American Apparel, and it should be arriving this week
  • Only 328 days until Christmas! (or something like that, I have never been good at math)

20 January 2008

Movie Insight

I am not a movie person. I find it difficult to focus my attention on stuff for extended periods of time. And I am by no means a movie theater person ...
  • I can't stand crowds
  • I can't stand the thought of spending an absurd amount of money to see a movie once (not even guaranteeing that I'm going to like it)
  • No power to pause, rewind, lay on the couch, use the bathroom, check the weather, get a snack without missing something
  • And then I obsess about who was sitting in the seat before me ... the strangers around me
  • I envision what the floor looks like with the lights on (or more so, try not to think about it)

Contrast everything I just said with the fact that I joined Netflix. Call it a moment of weakness. While I claim not to be a movie person, I have seen my fare share of movies that I like, heck I even own a few DVD's. AND with Netflix you get to choose movies to add to your queue, i.e. you get to create a movie LIST. I got so excited about it. Not to mention, I do enjoy getting mail, and the first 2 weeks are free. I went with the cheapest play - $5.00 a month for 2 movies ... I figured it's $2.50 a movie, I don't have to go anywhere, and I can quit anytime I want. These are the movies currently in my queue:

  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
  • Reign Over Me
  • Stranger Than Fiction
  • Flags of Our Fathers
  • Across the Universe
  • Becoming Jane
  • Into the Wild

19 January 2008

Not Perfect

Call me crazy ... I dig imperfections. For the past few years, I have had a busted blood vessel under my left eye. To the common man, it just resembles a 'lil zit. But I absolutely love it. It has been a security blanket of sorts ... I know it's there, and few others (if anyone) have one. Thus, my busted blood vessel has an undivided loyalty to me ... until it left. I have noticed this week my zit like marking fading into my face. I am once again a clear skinned common (wo)man. My only hope is to create a faux marking with a red Sharpie marker. But it got me thinking about other imperfections that I adore:
  • Acne scars
  • Chipped sea shells … not to be confused with chipped teeth, of which I have no patience for.
  • Misspelled words in books
  • Fat animals
  • The occasional cloudy day
  • C students

18 January 2008


  • 147,000 - miles on my car
  • 2539 - songs on my iPod
  • 45 - ounces of Peanut M&M's that I got for Christmas
  • 35 - contacts in my cell phone
  • 25 - years I have been here
  • 11 - appears in my sister's, brother's, and my birthday
  • 6 - books I got for Christmas
  • 3 - checks I deposited yesterday
  • 2 - siblings
  • 1 - God
  • 1 - Liz

17 January 2008


  • I love that 'nonetheless' is one word
  • The song, 'Hey There Delilah' would be a million times cooler if it was actually, 'Hey There Eliza'
  • I am ready for Spring
  • I hate folding clean clothes just to unfold them to wear them, and then wash, and then fold, and then unfold, and then wear ... you get the point
  • The only reason I know how to spell 'glamorous' is because of the Fergie song
  • I would have more money, if I had less bills
  • I steal pens - whether I am at a restaurant or at work ... if a cool pen crosses my path, I'll take it with me
  • I have been slacking off with regard to my blog
  • I have been slacking off with regard to my life
  • I am 25 and ready to retire

16 January 2008

Trash TV

My addiction to bad television has reached an all time high. I place most of the blame on VH1 for lining up the majority of these horrible shows. Nonetheless, when I was home last weekend I was watching TV with my sister, and a preview for the Gauntlet III came on … I made the joke that there are so many shows that I keep up with now, I need to note their times in my planner so I won't miss any. I am pathetic, I know … but here's a rundown of what I've been watching/ looking forward to seeing:

11 January 2008

A week with a mid 90s Lumina

What was one of the things I got for Christmas? - Transmission problems. I left my Mustang behind at my parent's house to be patched up and came back to Fairfax with my Gramma's old 90-something Chevy Lumina. After a week of cursing around Northern Virginia streets filled with BMW's, Mercedes, Lexis's … I came to the following realizations:
  • As I was leaving my parents house, (and I guess looking skeptical) my dad's parting words were, "be sure to check out the cruise control." To which I responded, "cruise control existed when they built this thing".
  • The car is equipped with a trunk rack … yes, a trunk rack.
  • The gas gauge fluctuates ... when I accelerate the gas gauge increases, and when I hit the brakes, it decreases.
  • I am at peace with myself enough not to mind driving around a 90something Chevy Lumina.
  • The 90something Lumina is not in the best condition either … with paint cracks covering the hood, and paint chipping off various areas of the car.
  • The only other Lumina and Lumina-esque vehicles I have spotted up here have been ones driven by sketchy looking Mexicans.
  • I am at peace with myself enough not to mind driving around a 90something Chevy Lumina.
  • I had a very coming of age moment the other day on my way into work (… probably after giving a friendly wave to a Mexican driving a Lumina beside me) … this car has many memories for me.
  • It smells the same way it did when I was a kid … I can remember when my Gramma got it … and it was something shiny and new.
  • We … meaning my mom, Gramma, sister and brother, along with myself took many trips down to South Carolina to visit family in this car … I can't believe we made those trips with 3 kids confined to sharing a back seat for seemingly infinite amounts of time.

And now … today to be exact, my little sister is 24 … my Gramma no longer drives … and I drive her car. I am no longer one of the kids in the backseat. I drive a car filled with memories that are irreplaceable … and I am reminded that I am so very blessed.

04 January 2008

New York decorated for Christmas … Awesome

At the beginning of December my mom was at a conference in New York … she had a free day, so my sister flew up, and I took the train up to visit her, and hang in the Big Apple.

Two summers ago, the three of us took a similar trip to New York … prior to this one, I figured to would be much the same, but more crowded and colder. Aside from the fact that it was indeed colder, and more crowded … I was amazed at how much I enjoyed the trip. I could not imagine a better way to spend 37 hours with my mom and sister than in New York at Christmastime. Highlights included:
  • Traveling by train for the first time
  • Surviving the train ride
  • Free samples from the Lindt Chocolate store
  • The Rockefeller Tree … I thought it would be a big tree with lights … but it really was awesome
  • St. Patrick's
  • Bryant Park (… as in Fashion Week, Project Runway!!!)
  • Eating chocolate covered strawberries at Bryant Park
  • Making fun of the ice skaters at Bryant Park
  • The Cartier Lights … the Cartier store had a Christmas light display that consisted of a tunnel-esque sidewalk walk through … it was our mom's favorite … thus when we walked through it numerous times, my sister and I would flap our wings and glide through the magical display
  • Saks Fifth snowflakes … AWESOME
  • I saw a musical for the first time … The Spelling Bee … awesome!
  • M&M World … duh, my utopia
  • Charmin Bathrooms
  • The Eagles/ Giants game on the Times Square big screen

03 January 2008


There are moments that I wish I could embed in my memory and remember every minute detail forever ... this happened several times when I was home for Christmas and New Year's.
  • riding to the beach with Gav
  • the Outer Banks
  • driving on the beach
  • seeing a shark washed up on shore
  • Rockband Rockband Rockband!
  • the Eagles beating beating the Bills
  • Christmas Eve Mass
  • presents!!!!
  • Christmas morning with my family
  • Christmas dinner with the rest of my family
  • Bakers Crust, Kogan's, and California Pizza Kitchen
  • sailing at the end of December and not freezing to death ... or sinking
  • hangin' with Holly & Co. in Norfolk
  • spending New Year's with my homies
  • seeing Alicia Keys perform in front of St. Patrick's and the Saks 5th snowflakes ... I was there at the beginning of December!
  • the Indian dance chaos that broke out in order to get BPong to stalk and conquer a drink
  • cramming 9 of us into a bathroom big enough for a single person ... and having pictures to document the experience
  • Lion's Bridge
  • Juno


  • the Redskins beating Dallas
  • the nasty test tube shooter things that tasted like sour cough syrup
  • the sparklers to ring in the new year ... I lit 5 at once which resulted in a fireball shooting up my arm, carnage ensued and I was left with a hefty burn on my left arm