27 May 2008


So I have a horrible addiction to getting home from work and immediately turning on Beverly Hills 90210. It just so happens that it is on t.v. 5pm - 7pm. To call it entertaining would be an understatement. I mean, check out the quotes I have collected from the show:
  • Kelly: Donna, you're such a sucker for a tiara.
  • Brandon: What's the theme of this party, Steve?
    Steve: Drink 'til you puke ... it's the theme of every frat party.
  • Kelly: You're not an artist, you're a whore.
  • Clair: Have you ever noticed how incestuous this group of friends is?
  • Donna: You can sit here and pout, I'm going to get potato salad.

1 comment:

  1. I'll admit this, though maybe I shouldn't...I totally tivo episodes of 90210 when I won't be home from work in time to see them! Right now, I think there are at least 15 episodes on the tivo...I'll watch a few, delete them, repeat process until forever...

    What do you think of the new series coming out?

    PS. I saw your guest post on Heidi's blog and thought I'd stop by :)