29 May 2008

Guest Blog and Sex and the City

whoop! whoop! Look for me today over at Life in Pink.

The Sex and the City movie opens tomorrow/ tonight at midnight:
  • I detested the show
  • both the censored version and the raunchy HBO version
  • I detested people who watched the show
  • I really could not stand the theme (? is that what you call it?) song
  • I scowled at people who were lame enough to have it as their ring tone
  • I thought/ think the concept of the show sends a horrible, unrealistic message
  • I really cannot stand Samantha
  • Carrie is ok because she is a writer
  • as time has passed, I have found myself watching the re-runs on t.v.
  • I often think, ‘psh, yeah right’/ ‘the bald guy Charlotte is with is really ugly’/ ‘geez, Carrie has some ugly outfits’
  • That being said, I cannot wait to see the movie
  • While I do still believe that the show is ridiculously unrealistic, I remind myself that it is a fictional show. What is the point of fiction is you only want to see realism?
  • I have grown to admire that friendship/ companionship that the girls share
  • heck, sometimes I envy it
  • Don’t get me wrong, I have friends … girls, guys, nice, good people, people I admire, enriching, attractive, not so attractive
  • But — I do not have an inner circle of girls … maybe it only exists on t.v. … but the concept is amazing
  • I have high hopes for the movie
  • The previews look amazing
  • Oh, how do I think the movie is going to turn out?
  • — I’m torn between Big dying vs. him just bailing on the wedding … either way we already know who will end up together in the end.

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  1. I loved this post - saw it on Heidi's blog first.

    I am very excited to see the movie as well and am equally torn about the possible ending.

    I LOVE the list style posts, by the way:)