30 June 2008

Weekend = Success

This past weekend I had friends visit from near and far. I hosted brunch! And we went to the Dave Matthews concert. Today, I have found myself sitting at work, listening to the concert on my iPod, and accomplishing nothing. I am overwhelmed with how much I enjoyed the weekend, highlights included:

  • hanging with Gav Thursday night & Friday
  • getting tickets to the Springsteen concert on Friday
  • Friday night's dinner at Sweetwater Tavern
  • having enough room for everyone to sleep at my apartment ... sort of
  • the boys' trip to the zoo at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday
  • a pleasant brunch
  • mass amounts of traffic on the way to the concert
  • an amazing Dave Matthews Band show
  • an amazing rain-less show
  • an amazing show that included Dreaming Tree
  • concert conversation of the night: I was talking to 2 girls sitting behind us from New York about concerts
    Girl 1: Yeah, I was supposed to go to the Gorge last year, but then I had a baby
    Girl 2: and it's an awesome baby
    Liz: oh? :/
    Girl 1: It's all good though, when she's 3 I'm going to bring her to concerts
  • surviving the post concert traffic
  • the 50 chicken nuggets, 5 jr. bacon cheeseburgers, and mass amounts of fries the boys got us after the show
  • a delicious breakfast at iHop on Sunday ... complete with ants marching (get it, ants marching?) on the walls
  • learning about Gav's views and support of the concept of 'alternate feeding' with regard to lane merging, and how he was able to adequately express his views by shouting at other cars while sitting in concert traffic
  • spending Sunday night drinking beer and playing Wii Fit with Meg, Mickella, and Aaron ... and still being able to be up at 6:00 a.m. today to get Meg to the train station
  • Overall, I just enjoyed getting to see and hang out with my friends ... whether it be 757-ers, Fairfax-ers, or ones from the land of MegFarrell. I have done my fair share of pushing people away and isolating myself, but there are just some kids I can't seem to get rid of. :) They enrich my life ... and I would be lost without them.
  • it was an excellent ending to June

27 June 2008

No List Friday

Bruce Springsteen & Co. will be in Richmond on August 18th ... and so will I, and so will my mom! Pictured above is my absolute favorite image of him ... albeit not my favorite album.

26 June 2008

Brunch Munch

I mentioned that I am having a brunch/ pre-game fest this weekend. Good idea? Being that I do not consider myself an entertaining person, and I absolutely despise spending money ... I am not a happy camper. I did some shopping yesterday, and am planning on doing the rest post work today. The shopping list includes:

  • wine
  • beer
  • orange juice
  • pineapple juice
  • soda
  • 2 oranges
  • lemon
  • lime
  • ham
  • rolls
  • mustard
  • spicy mustard
  • bagels
  • donuts
  • plates
  • cups
  • forks & knives
  • party hats?
I also need to decide on either making a fruit salad or some kind of pasta salad dish ... heck, things could get crazy and I could do both.

25 June 2008

I have these ideas ...

all these ideas ... burnin' through my skull! --- And by ideas I mean song lyrics; from various random songs ... these are the tidbits:
  • kick kick shuffle shuffle back to the beach
  • the dashboard melted but we still had the radio
  • ... sweep the streets I used to own
  • when you're young you get sad, and when you're sad you get high
  • Mmmmaaadddooonnnnaaaa

Name the song, earn respect.

24 June 2008

+'s verses -'s

  • + I am left handed
  • - I still smudge occasionally
  • + payday
  • - bills
  • + it is summer!
  • - I have a job
  • + I make a livable wage
  • - I am conforming to the system
  • + my friends are coming to visit
  • - entertaining my friends who are coming to visit
  • + Happy Hour
  • - Happy Hour turning into Happy Night turning into Hangover Morning

23 June 2008

Entertaining Entertainer?

First of all, I am not a social butterfly. I never invite people to do things, or offer to be the coordinator of events because than I feel obligated to make sure everyone has a good time ... or more so, I just anticipate that people are going to have a horrible time --- and I don't want that weight on my shoulders.

Thus, I am in a predicament. I have friends coming in this weekend for the Dave Matthews concert ... and if that isn't enough, I had the brilliant idea to throw a bunch on Saturday?! What was I thinking?

Yesterday I was venting all of this to my roommate (the formally annoying one who I am now getting along with) and she was helping me come up with ideas to make Saturday a success:

  • watch the Parent Trap (1998 version) --- this was thrown out there because we spent the afternoon drinking beer and watching the Parent Trap ... more fun than you'd expect
  • play boardgames i.e. Monopoly
    Liz: good idea, when things get bad, we will resort to boardgames
    Roommate: no, no, no, have the games out at the beginning, it'll set the tone for the festivities
  • make origami animals
  • play the silent game
  • hide n' seek?
  • spit off of the balcony
  • consume large quantities of alcohol ... it makes the most dismal of times better

22 June 2008

Eager Reader

I love to read. Not just books ... most of the time, if there are words on it I will delve into whatever is printed. Thus I enjoy the lists of suggestions for ways to reuse plastic bags printed on Target bags:
  • tiny trash can liner
  • doggy duty
  • water balloon
  • road trip rubbish
  • soggy laundry
  • ice pack
  • toiletry tote
  • kitty litter liner
  • lunch bag
  • care package padding

20 June 2008

No List Friday

I went through a huge Karate Kid phase when I was a kid. It was on TV tonight; I had flashbacks ... what an awesome movie.

19 June 2008

Phantom Travel Plans ...

I enjoy going new places, but I am not a fan of actually traveling. Does that make sense? More specifically, I absolutely hate, hate, hate, flying. But in a perfect world - where I am made of money, free time, and love to fly ... I would like to visit these places:
  • Alaska
  • Canada
  • Cuba
  • Australia
  • Costa Rica
  • Mount Rushmore
  • California
  • Grand Canyon
  • Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum
  • Florida Keys

17 June 2008

Wooosh! What? Huh?

Distractions at work; specifically distractions while I am sitting at my desk:
  • imagining what the weather is like ... being that I have no windows around me, I have no idea what the outside world looks like. Sunny? Rainy? Elephant stampede? I can only ponder ...
  • paperclips --- I am not even kidding, I have gotten into a horrible habit of unfolding (?), check that, untangling paperclips ... it started as a nerve calmer to fiddle with paperclips ... now they have become my friends
  • creating lists for my blog
  • checking my G.Mail every 3.5 minutes
  • creating playlists on my iPod
  • organizing/ rearranging the Post-Its on my desk
  • envisioning what I am going to do as soon as I blast out of here
  • sending txt messages on my phone
  • deciding which pen to use

16 June 2008


  • I love chocolate ice cream and raspberries
  • I had no idea there was a 'p' in raspberries
  • I love chocolate ice cream and strawberries
  • I love ice cold beer and strawberries
  • I want to be more tan
  • I want Modest Mouse's song Float On to be played at my funeral
  • I am perpetually bitter about working during the summer
  • I believe in summer vacations ... I'm talking mid May - mid September
  • time goes by too fast
  • I am thinking about canceling my NetFlix

14 June 2008

Must See?

If I believed in TiVo I would record:
  • American Idol
  • Top Chef
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • House
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Deadliest Catch
  • Beverly Hills, 90210
  • Sex and the City

13 June 2008

12 June 2008

List of List Quotes

This is a bit of a re-run, with a few new gems thrown in:
  • Hungry Joe collected lists of fatal diseases and arranged them in alphabetical order so that he could put his finger without delay on any one he wanted to worry about. -Joseph Heller
  • With descriptions that are simply lists of brand-name consumer products. -David Foster Wallace
  • Why can't somebody give us a list of things that everybody thinks and nobody says, and another list of things that everybody says and nobody thinks. -Oliver Wendell Holmes
  • Lists like this one have two purposes. One is to instruct. The other of course is to enrage. -Time's Top 100
  • So why do I write so many list posts? Simply put: it’s how I think, and has been since I was a teen-ager. I’ve always made lists, from to-do lists to pro/con lists to lists of favorite songs and movies. When I argue or explain something, I do it in lists. I see bullet points in my head. I number everything. Zen Habits

11 June 2008

Slow Down June

Oh my gosh, is it really Wednesday, the 10th?! Where in the heck in June going? I knew I had been gone a few days, but not an entire week. Anyway, what you've missed is:

  • Friday I headed down to Richmond to meet up with my mom and brother
  • My brother was there competing in the Virginia Special Olympics summer games
  • I was able to see the opening ceremonies and watch him compete in bowling on Saturday morning
  • I spent the sweltering afternoon at the pool with my mom
  • Saturday evening I jetted down to the 757 just in time to meet up with some friends for Harbor Fest
  • There was a fireworks show
  • ... it was ridiculous
  • The weekend wrapped up with attending the wedding of a former roommate in Yorktown, VA on Sunday.
  • Although it was hot, very hot ... an extremely hot outside wedding, it proved to be a lot of fun.
  • I called into work Monday morning with sun poisoning ... the symptoms were eerily similar to a hangover.
  • Oh yea, the jerk was fired yesterday - ding dong the witch is dead!

03 June 2008

Sweet Tooth

I do not consider myself a huge fan of sweets. I am not one of those people that goes crazy over candy or cake --- but I do enjoy:

  • M&M's
  • Peanut M&M's
  • Red Velvet Cake
  • Funfetti Cake
  • Cheesecake - only the kind my momma makes
  • chocolate milkshakes
  • chocolate ice cream
  • check that, Breyers Chocolate Ice Cream
  • you could line up every brand of ice cream made, and I could tell you which one was the Breyers one ... it's just plain better.

02 June 2008

Co-Worker Rant

So ... it looks like I have extremely bad luck with co-workers during the summer. Last summer I was paired with this guy. This summer, it seems to be different guy, same personality traits. Ugh! This is how I would describe the tool I am forced to work with this summer:

  • dumb
  • sneaky ... but since he is dumb, it doesn't work out well for him
  • liar
  • incompetent
  • does not follow simple instruction
  • boring
  • dumb
  • lame
  • lack of ambition
  • no pride in work
  • no attention to detail
  • puts forth minimal effort
  • unreliable
  • at first I thought he was arrogant, but then I just realized he is that stupid
  • probably does not know what arrogant means
  • completes NO work if not supervised
  • was almost fired due to above references during first week of work
  • unfortunately was not fired

01 June 2008

I don't believe in labels

My roommate claims that she is a vegan. Today I watched her eat:
  • eggs
  • cheese
  • butter
  • chicken