10 July 2008

I am as smart as a mouse

The pest control people came through the archives warehouse the other day and switched out the mouse catching mechanisms. They put in these new things that are basically sheets of superglue, so when a little mouse walks on it, he gets stuck and then panics and rolls around and gets more stuck, and then sits there miserable until he dies an unfortunate death. So, as I walk past these things, I kept thinking, "how sticky could they be?" Well:

  • yesterday afternoon, when the coast was clear, I stepped on the corner of one of them
  • ... and I got stuck
  • so I panicked
  • as a result I put my other foot on the sticky thing in order to pick up stuck foot #1
  • as a result foot 1 and foot 2 were trapped like mice
  • finally I was able to free myself
  • I left 2 human shoe prints on the mouse catching pad
  • and to make things worse, the bottom of my shoes were sticky for the rest of the day, and made relatively loud noises as I walked across floors
  • I guess I should feel relieved that I made it out alive


  1. I am sitting alone in my apartment laughing out loud at this story. haha amazing!

    btw, you really are a great writer. :)

  2. Wow, that was hilarious! Now you know how the mice feel..

  3. in a previous life i was a manager at the gap in g-town. there was a huge rat problem in that store because of the restaurant next door. the store literally built a room on the first floor and the exterminators lined the walls with the sticky stuff in order to trap all the rats.

    weekly, the exterminator would remove the sticky stuff. each panel had hundreds of dead rats on them. to my amazement, the sticky stuff worked!

    the store eventually got rid of the rat problem thanks to the sticky stuff. but i still refuse to eat at the restaurant next door.

  4. LMAO!!

    We have those in my office as well. Thanks for testing their stickyness for me though!