16 October 2008


  • I want to be more tan
  • I want to carve pumpkins but I feel too old
  • in about 3 weeks I'll be 26
  • I think it would be cool to work in a toll booth ... maybe for like a day
  • warm weather makes me happy
  • I'd be lost without my iPod
  • stupid people should not vote
  • I own the Shrek 2 soundtrack ... I'm not sure why
  • I watch Dancing with the Stars ... I'm not sure why
  • speaking of t.v. - Korto should have won Project Runway

1 comment:

  1. You're never to old to carve pumpkins, but if you really feel that way, do it anyway and tell people it's just for the seeds, because pumpkin seeds are the most delicious things to ever come out of a large orange sphere in the history of forever.