25 October 2008

Pizza Pizza

I believe that technology is not helping with my anxiety issues.  I hung out with Lindsay last night and ordered pizza.  We ordered it online.  While it is convenient, it allows for one (me) to easily avoid calling in an order.  And while I do love love love being able to avoid using the phone to order a pizza from a zit faced apathetic pizza place employee ... I also recognize that things like this only encourage my reluctance to deal/ interact with people.

That's not the point of this post ... the point is that after we ordered the pizza online, Lindsay pointed out that we could track our pizza. The Pizza Tracker was set up in the following way:
  • pizza ordered
  • prep
  • bake
  • box
  • delivery
It was pretty cool ... like a countdown to when the pizza would magically appear at the door. 

1 comment:

  1. Pizza is my favorite food...so go pizza, but it is okay...I know what you mean about technology not helping! Love, MG