30 November 2008

In Conclusion,

  • November has flown by
  • Christmas will be here in no time!
  • I love the holiday season
  • ... and I usually go through a major post Christmas depression
  • 30 posts in 30 days?
  • - easy peasy.
  • ... so long, November

29 November 2008

Too Much

I need to detox ... since Wednesday I have consumed too much:
  • turkey
  • ham
  • beer
  • wine
  • Crown
  • Coke ... the soda
  • spending money
  • lack of sleep

27 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Things I am so very thankful for ... half true/ half joking:
  • family
  • friends
  • deep fried Oreos
  • malt liquor
  • hot tea
  • wireless internet
  • being able to read
  • Sudoku puzzles
  • being left handed
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Life on Mars
  • Top Chef
  • The History Channel
  • my iPod
  • McNabb, my parents' cat
  • snail mail
  • hoodies
  • fingerless mitts
  • spellcheck
  • toothbrushes
  • sunglasses
  • Advent
  • Santa
  • koala bears
  • the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
... seriously though, there is so much to be thankful for ... Happy Thanksgiving to All!

26 November 2008

Here Comes Christmas!

I love Christmas movies:
  • Christmas Vacation
  • Elf
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Home Alone
  • Dear God
  • The Grinch Stole Christmas
  • The Grinch
  • Serendipity ... it's Christmas-esque
  • Miracle on 34th Street ... the original
  • A Christmas Story
  • The Muppet Christmas Carol
  • Polar Express
  • White Christmas 
  • It's a Wonderful Life

25 November 2008


I saw this list of the top 25 cities for finding a new job ... if I was in charge, it would be the top 25 places I never want to live:
  1. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  2. Rapid City, South Dakota
  3. Idaho Falls, Idaho
  4. Bismarck, North Dakota
  5. Houma, Louisiana
  6. Morgantown, West Virginia
  7. Logan, Utah
  8. Fargo, North Dakota
  9. Casper, Wyoming
  10. Billings, Montana
  11. Ames, Iowa
  12. Lafayette, Louisiana
  13. Midland, Texas
  14. Iowa City, Iowa
  15. Lincoln, Nebraska
  16. Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  17. Great Falls, Montana
  18. Charlestown, West Virginia
  19. Des Moines, Iowa
  20. Missoula, Montana
  21. Salt Lake City, Utah
  22. Provo, Utah
  23. Odessa, Texas
  24. Pocatello, Idaho
  25. Sioux City, Iowa

24 November 2008

List of I Want's

  • I feel like a jerk asking for things for Christmas because I don't really need anything ... but the more I think about it the more things I realize I want:
  • notepad
  • a new planner
  • Burberry - The Beat perfume
  • this sweater from Target
  • Stranger Than Fiction dvd
  • Things to Make and Do Journal from Urban Outfitters
  • gift cards
  • cold hard cash ;)
  • ... and I'm sooo excited that Knit Two ... the sequel to The Friday Night Knitting Club came out today! I am going to attempt to wait until Christmas to read it

23 November 2008

As If!

  • Clueless is on tv today
  • I have always loved Clueless
  • like Cher, I also liked Josh
  • ... and I still find Paul Rudd dreamy
  • being the young naive gal that I was when the movie came out, I thought it made high school look so cool ... even though I knew it was quite unrealistic
  • ... and speaking of naive, I didn't realize the amount of pot smoking that went on throughout the movie
  • I also didn't realize that Christian was gay until like last year

22 November 2008

Cracker Barrel

I ate dinner at Cracker Barrel with my mom and brother last night. I noticed on the back of the sugar packets that there were catchy little sayings/ slogans, like:
  • Good country cookin' for travelers and neighbors alike
  • Eat. Shop. Relax.
  • Good country cookin'
  • Serving Breakfast all day. Every day.
... I don't know which is worse, taking the time to configure the sugar sayings ... or taking the time to notice the sayings on the packets.

21 November 2008

20 November 2008

Shop Talk

  • I have all this vintage stuff that I am going to try to sell online ... but first things first, I need to figure out a name for the shop.
  • I couldn't think of anything on my own so I asked my mom for suggestions ... she sent me this list:
  • Elizabeth's Boutique
  • Newton’s Crate
  • Shanghai-La
  • Glory Days
  • Better Days
  • Liz’s Room
  • Secret Garden
  • The Ties that Bind
  • Back in the Day
  • Yesterdays News
  • ... so then I was overwhelmed with options ... AND THEN light bulbs started flashing in my mind:
  • Flux Capacitor
  • ... I just don't know if people would get it
  • decisions decisions 

19 November 2008

Sex and the City Remix

  • last night I found myself watching the Sex and the City reruns on TBS late night
  • ... that got me to thinking about the movie
  • and how I keep meaning to buy it ... but then I remember how ummm angry (?) the movie made me
  • I absolutely loved the scenes where Smith bought Samantha the ring, when Carrie attacked Big with the flowers on the street after he ditched her, and how caring the girls were when they first got down to Mexico ... 
  • but if I was in charge:
  • Steve would not have cheated on Miranda
  • Samantha would have stayed with Smith
  • and Carrie would not have ended up back with Big
  • ugh! ... maybe if that was the case the movie would have been boring and predictible, oh well.

18 November 2008

Drew Carey is Dumb

  • since I am on a hiatus from the working world I have been watching The Price Is Right on a daily basis
  • ... and the more i watch it, the more I hate Drew Carey
  • first of all he's short
  • and fat
  • and not funny
  • and awkward
  • and a horrible host in general
  • ... I usually spend the hour rolling my eyes and daydreaming about Bob Barker
  • ... those were the days 

17 November 2008


  • I never drink soda
  • ... except when it's in the form of a cocktail
  • I love fingerless mitts
  • I hate cereal
  • I type slow
  • I read slow
  • I wish money grew on trees
  • ... or at least on a tree that I owned
  • I listen to talk radio
  • ... guys who listen to talk radio are all the more cuter 
  • I scowl too much ... hopefully my face won't get stuck that way

16 November 2008

Pet Peeves

  • Let's be honest ... a lot of things annoy me:
  • nail bitters
  • loud chewers
  • bad tippers
  • people who drag their feet when they walk
  • Redskins fans
  • Cowboys fans
  • hippies
  • people who confuse/ misuse your & you're
  • stupid people in general
  • screaming kids in stores and restaurants
  • slow moving checkout lines 
  • cold weather
  • the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz 

15 November 2008

Things I learned at the monster truck show

  • A few years ago I went to a monster truck show with chaps from college
  • I went last night with my mom and lil' brother
  • This is what I learned:
  • there are rules to the 'competition'
  • however
  • Gravedigger is allowed to do whatever he/ it wants
  • no matter what Gravedigger wins ... even if he obviously loses
  • the loudest cheers are for wrecks, flipped over trucks, or flat tires
  • ... I don't understand why
  • based on the amounts of people there, you would never guess that we are in an 'economic crisis'

14 November 2008

No List Friday

Instead of buying a souvenir picture ... we took pictures of the sample picture.

13 November 2008

... so I'm a nerd

  • I guess I've always been a nerd ... I was just unaware when I was a kid, but:
  • I used to 'scan' the barcodes on my books with a closed marker and pretend I was checking them in and out of the library
  • I had sticker albums
  • ... several of them
  • I had a paperclip collection
  • View-Master was one of my favorite toys
  • ... I had a carrying case for it, and a lot of reels
  • I proudly wore a fannypack

12 November 2008

Karate Kid?

  • I was reading today that they are re-making the Karate Kid
  • didn't 'they' learn their lesson when they made The Next Karate Kid?
  • I went through a huge Karate Kid phase when I was a kid
  • While Daniel was ok, I always had a secret crush on bad boy Johnny ... until he went too far by breaking the rules
  • anyway, why the heck are original movies being tarnished by cheap knockoffs?
  • ... and it gets better - apparently Will Smith's son is going to be playing Daniel
  • seriously?
  • ... I can only imagine who will be playing Mr. Miyagi

11 November 2008

Favorite Characters

The characters are who make the books great; some of my favorites include:
  • Holden
  • Fudge
  • Atticus
  • Hugh McDowell
  • Paul Baumer
  • Edward Bloom
  • Catherine & Heathcliff 

10 November 2008

Book Stuff

  • the pile of things I want to read continues to grow ... while my 'read' pile remains stagnant
  • the newest additions to the 'I want' list are:
  • Gone with the Wind
  • The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
  • ... I am refusing to purchase any more books until I finish all of the partially read/ unread/ collecting dust/ neglected books that seem to be following me around
  • I don't know what has happened to me, but I have been in some sort of perpetual reading slump
  • ... ugh!

09 November 2008

Eagles v. Giants

  • I am not a huge football fan
  • but for some reason my family has always liked the Eagles
  • tonight they, who are 5-3 play the Giants, who are 7-1
  • someone has to beat the Giants
  • ... it may as well be the Eagles

08 November 2008


Today is my birthday ... this is how my list of intentions for my 25th year shaped up. I didn't conquer everything, but I didn't take the list as seriously as I should have. 
  • keep a detailed log of books read throughout the year
  • Complete Time's Top 100 Reading List
  • sell/ donate books that have no lasting impression on me
  • donate clothes to Goodwill
  • Run in the Rock n' Roll Half Marathon
  • join the gym
  • floss at least 3 times a week
  • tour a brewery
  • take a yoga class
  • knit more
  • pray more
  • sell stuff on Etsy
  • open a savings account
  • kick the t.v. out of the bedroom
  • purchase personalized Peanut M&M's
  • send letters/ cards to my Gramas... just to say hi
  • send letter to Alex Trebek
  • learn to drink Crown on the rocks
  • eat a BigMac
  • splurge every now and then
  • get the Sometimes Y tee shirt
  • get a Macbook ... maybe (this would fulfill the splurge goal)
  • purchase and learn to use a sewing machine
  • attend a book signing
  • get baked in a tanning bed
  • visit the Farmers Market on Saturdays
  • party down at Medieval Times
  • do not let your life be dictated by your job
  • worry less
  • invest more time in friendships

06 November 2008


  • I have this strange infatuation with things sold on tv ... but I have never bought anything infomercial-esque
  • as much as I complain about cold weather, a part of me still loves the snow
  • I watched MTV's The Island from start to finish, including the reunion show that aired last night
  • I have also kept up with this season of Dancing with the Stars
  • I am excited about the next season of Top Chef
  • I think I'm watching too much tv
  • I should read more
  • I think it's rather depressing that it is dark by 5:30pm these days

05 November 2008

Up, Up, & Away

As much as I complained about Northern VA/ Fairfax before I moved back down to southern VA ... I really miss:

04 November 2008

The Perks of Voting

Be sure to wear your 'I Voted' sticker ... 

03 November 2008


  • At some point I want to be a school bus driver.
  • I would also like to work at a toll booth.
  • ... I know, not the most highly sought after jobs.
  • When I was a kid I always wanted to work at a library.
  • When they added the self check-out machine at the public library, I thought it was the coolest thing ever.
  • I also went through a phase of wanting to be a paleontologist.
  • I worked at the library in college.
  • I really enjoyed the job.
  • However, the majority of the supervisors were uber lame.

02 November 2008

November, Smovember

  • I am/ was a November baby.
  • My birthday is in 6 days.
  • I am going to be 26.
  • I had major issues turning 25.
  • I'm not sure why.
  • I never liked the fact that my birthday is in November.
  • ... I now love that my birthday is in November.
  • I like All Saints & All Souls Day
  • and I love Robert Frost's My November Guest
  • and I decided to partake in NaBloPoMo

01 November 2008

So Long, Samantha

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon finding out that American Girl is retiring/ discontinuing Samantha ... or as I like to think of it - killing off Samantha ... but I did. I never had an American Girl doll, but my sister had 2 (Felicity and Kirsten) ... nonetheless I knew the Girls and I knew their stories.  When I was a kid there were 5 dolls to choose from:
Now in addition to the ones above there are:
Talk about sensory overload. I guess my big beef is that everything changes ... when I was a kid there were 5 choices, and now there are triple that. You can't go back to the way things were, especially with Samantha being gone.

ps - It's November!