29 December 2008

Feliz Navidad

  • One of my favorite parts of, A Christmas Story, is at the very end when you hear Ralphie say, "That was the Christmas I was introduced to Chinese turkey."
  • ... well, for me this Christmas ended up being, "the Christmas I was introduced to Spanish mass."
  • for the past few years my family has gone to the 8:00pm mass on Christmas Eve
  • ... this year the 8:00pm mass was the Spanish mass ... I guess no one payed close enough attention to the bulletin
  • anyway, I observed/ lived the following:
  • we were not the only obvious non-Spanish speaking family that stumbled into the wrong mass ... we shared that honor with about 5 other families
  • pretty much no one showed up until 8.  Jockeying for good seats must not be an issue in their culture.
  • likewise mass did not start on time
  • by far the most popular outfits were jeans, tee shirts, and hoodies ... with Nike's. I'm not even kidding, even the ushers were wearing jeans and sneakers
  • the band included maracas
  • ... and they actually sang Feliz Navidad

1 comment:

  1. Was Spanish Mass at least more interesting/exciting/entertaining than regular Mass?