03 December 2008

Santa Shower Curtain

... or lack thereof.
  • I have been helping my mom shop for a festive holiday shower curtain.
  • unfortunately, the shower curtain that we envision does not exist
  • I was thinking of a jolly cartoon-ish image of Santa in the bathtub ... with bubbles everywhere, and the words, Ho! Ho! Ho! floating up.
  • nope
  • none
  • nowhere
  • ... nothing even close
  • we have found a few holiday shower curtains
  • but they're all lame ... nothing fun and exciting.
  • Is Santa in a bathtub too much to ask for?


  1. Did you ever find one? I'm on a hunt for one with my mom too. My friend has one almost exactly like you described... but she got it years ago so she's not a help.

  2. Anonymous11/30/2011

    it did exist at one time. Im on the hunt as well. Growing up, my grandmother had the exact shower curtain you envisioned, but she unfortunately just had to part with it after over 20yrs! Now I cant seem to find any good ones. Everything is "holiday" with holly, snowmen, and poinsettas.....nothing is SANTA or CHRISTMAS anymore!