11 December 2009

No List/ List/ Best of 2009 Friday

11 December: The best place. A coffee shop? A pub? A retreat center? A cubicle? A nook?

Nominees: (I am cheating a bit and going generic) bookstores, home, a view of the water, a dive bar
Winner: any place with a view of the water

  • When I was up at G.Mason, I would joke that I would go through 'water withdrawal'
  • ... and to some extent, having had the luxury of growing up near the water, it was true.
  • Whether it was reading at the Lion's Bridge, the James River, VA Beach, the Eastern Shore, the Outer Banks, Myrtle Beach, Boston, the Noland Trail, the views of the James River in Richmond during the Mud Run, anywhere between VA and FL, the fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, heck - even the fountains at City Center in Newport News ... I could not get enough this year.
  • there is just something about being in the water/ seeing the water that gives me an instant calm ...
  • I believe one of the best places in the world is any place with a view of the water.

10 December 2009

Best of 2009: Album

10 December: Album of the year. What's rocking your world?

Nominees: MGMT, Kings of Leon, Third Eye Blind, Dave Matthews Band, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, O.A.R.

Winner: Kings of Leon
  • this one was so tough
  • there seemed to be so much new amazing music this year, it was difficult to choose just one album
  • but if I had to pick just one, I would go with Kings of Leon - Only by the Night
  • I admit, Use Somebody may be the most overplayed song, ever, but I am still sticking with this album
  • the music, the lyrics, the enthusiasm that they convey ... I enjoyed it all
  • ... and I loved listening to it: whether it was while I was driving, listening to my iPod, at the gym, or at the helm of the boat in November

04 December 2009

No List/ List/ Best of 2009 Friday

Best of 2009: Book

  • Nominees: The Time Traveler's Wife, Fahrenheit 451, Julie & Julia, Something Borrowed, Neither Here Nor There, The Great Wide Sea, On the Road

  • Winner: The Time Traveler's Wife
  • While it is not the "oh my gosh this is the best book I have ever read in my life" book ... it is the one I enjoyed the most this year.
  • I read it at the end of July when I was all bummed out about summer camp being over.
  • It even made the trek to Myrtle Beach, SC with me.
  • By the time I finished Time Traveler's there was a slight crease in the cover, and few pages were slightly crinkly, and there was some sand embedded in the spine, I also signed the inside cover as I do with almost all the books I read.
  • After I read the book, I went and saw the movie version with one of my friends.
  • When I headed to Knoxville this fall, I sold the book to the used bookstore there, hoping to pass on the pleasant time I shared with The Time Traveler's Wife to someone else.

03 December 2009

Best of 2009 Blog Challenge

Thanks to Rachel, I stumbled upon The Best of 2009 Blog Challenge. Of course, I discover it 3 days late, but better late than never. This year has flown by, and for whatever reason, 2009 has been amazing. Recount it with me:
1 December: Best Trip

I was feeling part of the scenery; I walked right out of the machinery
... my heart going boom boom boom. - P.Gabriel

  • Nominees: DC, Knoxville, Boston, Myrtle Beach, Outer Banks, Las Vegas, Richmond Indy Race, Richmond NASCAR, Summer Camp, Obama's Inauguration, Sailing to Florida
  • Winner: Sailing to Florida

  • I absolutely loved spending November on a boat.
  • In many ways things were just easier and life was simplified on a boat.
  • Don't get me wrong, there was constantly work to be done, but I was exempt from the daily hassles ... and over stimulation of life on land.
  • I was able to exclude myself from: television, 24/7 news coverage, driving, traffic, crowds, waiting in lines, being on my cell phone constantly, Facebook, constant access to the internet, the list goes on ...
  • as cheesy as it sounds - there were multiple times when I would look out over the water, either towards the horizon, or towards the shoreline ... during the middle of the day, sunrise, sunset, in the middle of the night ... and I would think to myself, "you're probably never going to be able to re-create this moment" ... and I would enjoy it for all that it was worth.

30 November 2009

Trekking 2,000 miles in November

I spent November heading down to Florida on a sail boat, and then I jumped a train bound for Virginia on Thanksgiving ... and I loved it. Over the duration of the month, I made stops in:

  • Newport News, VA
  • Hampton, VA
  • Virginia Beach, VA
  • New Bern, NC
  • South Port, NC
  • McClellanville, SC
  • Charleston, SC
  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Miami, FL
  • Richmond, VA
  • Newport News, VA

26 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

"In the darkness of the morning as the sky struggles to light, may the rising
sun caress and bless your soul for all your life"

Happy Thanksgiving! I am on a train headed to Virginia today!

20 November 2009

No List Friday

Cruising down the coast of Florida as my adventure draws to an end. The weather has been amazing this week ... in 6 days I'll be headed back to Virginia.

13 November 2009

No List Friday

This past week, we were joined by a pod of dolphins off the coast of North Carolina for about an hour. I sat on the bow of the boat and watched them zip around. It was so cool I could have watched them all day. Truly majestic. They were so close to the boat we could hear them breathing. They looked like they were having so much fun I have decided that I would like to be a dolphin when I grow up.

08 November 2009

27! On a boat!

Today is my 27th birthday! Typically I don't get super excited about my birthday, but this year I am. I had the totally cliche breakdown when I turned 25, and was really indifferent about turning 26 ... but 27? Heck yeah, bring it on!

I wasn't expecting to do anything this year because I am on a boat but the boys surprised me last night with an evening that included a glorious dinner, brews, a birthday banner, pie, and an attempt at making brownies in the pressure cooker.

This morning we are headed out of New Bern, NC ... Hopefully towards warmer weather!
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07 November 2009

Liz, where the heck are you?

So here's the deal ... last Monday I headed out of Hampton, VA with the EYE boys. (http://www.eyeotw.org/) and I'm sailing with them down to Florida. Currently we are anchored in New Bern, NC for the weekend and we should get down to Florida by the end of the month. The plan is to hang in Miami for a few days and then hop a train back to VA on Thanksgiving.

The only downside is that the List is going to be rather sparse until the end of the month. But don't worry I have all sorts of plans for the List for the conclusion of 2009.

31 October 2009

Trivia Saturday

What are the 7 Deadly Sins?
  • Lust
  • Gluttony
  • Greed
  • Sloth
  • Wrath
  • Envy
  • Pride

29 October 2009

Here fishy fishy ...

I guess this is a dual post of sorts; I have big news. I am sailing down to Florida with the EYE of the World boys next week, so I will be out at sea for November. (More to come on that later.) That got me thinking about movies/ tv shows that revolve around boats/ water ... and all of a sudden I realized that they are all about destruction and disaster ... not one scenario falls into the category of upbeat and happy:

  • Jaws
  • The Perfect Storm
  • White Squall
  • Titanic
  • Discovery Channel's Shark Week
  • Gilligan's Island
  • heck, even Finding Nemo had its fair share of drama
  • ... plus have you heard about the giant real life shark in Australia who is eating other sharks? I'm serious ...

28 October 2009


  • My birthday is in a couple weeks
  • I believe there is nothing that I really need
  • ... but there are plenty of things that I want:
  • pocket dictionary
  • pocket thesaurus
  • 2010 planner
  • Sanuks!
  • this bag
  • this sweater
  • book lamp
  • Moleskine mini-notebooks
  • money, money, money
  • iPod Nano
  • MacBook

27 October 2009

Back to VA

  • got back to VA yesterday afternoon
  • I believe a fun time was had by all during the excursion to Knoxville, TN.
  • shenanigans included:
  • cookies in the car
  • live music
  • restaurants
  • bars
  • celebrating LP's birthday
  • Scrabble Slam
  • dancing
  • Super Nintendo
  • Knoxville Brewers' Jam
  • a trek to the Mecca of used bookstores
  • visiting the Smokey Mountains
  • ... which also included riding the ski lift to to one of the peaks
  • good times with good friends
  • ... oh, and who could forget 'sideways guns'

24 October 2009

Trivia Saturday

Who are the 6 Brady Bunch kids?

  • Greg
  • Marcia
  • Peter
  • Jan
  • Bobby
  • Cindy

23 October 2009

19 October 2009

This is a true story

Call me naive (or Carrie Bradshaw), but I don't back up files, and I had no idea that the 'blue screen of death' existed. That is, until it visited my computer Thursday night.

And by 'my computer' I mean:
  • the Sony Vaio that my parents gave me as an early graduation gift from G.Mason in the fall of 2006
  • the computer that trekked all over NOVA and DC with me, and then followed me back to Newport News, VA
  • the computer that introduced me to Facebook, Shelfari, Blip.fm, and Twitter
  • the computer that has enabled the List
  • the computer that contained bunches of files,
  • over 1000 pictures,
  • and over 3000 songs on iTunes

But life goes on. I keep reminding myself that this is an adventure of sorts, a liberation, a clean slate, a chance to start over, and it is a time to move on ... I'm getting a MacBook next week.

18 October 2009

Terrible, Horrible, No Good ...

Along with Where the Wild Things are, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day was one of my favorite books when I was a kid. At the time, Alexander's misfortune seemed more entertaining than anything, but now as a quasi-adult, with bills, student loans, and the hassles of being a grown-up in general, I believe everyone can relate to Alexander, and everything that went wrong during his bad day:
  • he woke up with gum in his hair
  • he tripped on his skateboard getting out of bed
  • he dropped his sweater in the sink
  • at breakfast, his cereal box did not have a prize in it
  • on the way to school, he didn't get a window seat in the car
  • at school his teacher didn't like his drawing of an invisible castle
  • he was criticized for singing too loud
  • he forgot '16' while counting
  • his friend Paul reduces Alexander to being his 3rd best friend
  • there is no dessert in his lunch
  • at the dentist, he finds out he has a cavity
  • the elevator door shuts on his foot
  • his brother pushes him in the mud
  • he gets called a crybaby
  • the shoe store doesn't have the shoes he wants
  • he gets in trouble for making a mess at his dad's office
  • he has to eat lima beans at dinner
  • his bath is too hot
  • he gets soap in his eyes
  • he has to wear the pajamas that he hates
  • his nightlight burns out
  • he bites his tongue
  • his brother steals his pillow
  • and the family cat refuses to sleep with him

... we've all been there.

17 October 2009

Introducing: Trivia Saturday

What are the 5 Oceans of the world?

  • Atlantic
  • Pacific
  • Indian
  • Arctic
  • Southern

16 October 2009

13 October 2009

Workin' for the man

According to CNN Money the top jobs in America include:
  1. Systems Engineer
  2. Physician Assistant
  3. College Professor
  4. Nurse Practitioner
  5. IT Project Manager
  6. Certified Public Accountant
  7. Physical Therapist
  8. Network Security Consultant
  9. Intelligence Analyst
  10. Sales Director
Check out the rest of the top 50 jobs here.

12 October 2009

Tis the Season

  • Fact: I love all things pumpkin:
  • Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • pumpkin beer
  • pumpkin bread
  • pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
  • pumpkin cream cheese cupcakes
  • carving pumpkins
  • pumpkin pancakes
  • the smell of pumpkin candles
  • ... even pumpkin ice cream
  • heck, I even like that they are orange

11 October 2009

Speak like a military-ian

Do you know the military alphabet?
  • A - Alpha
  • B - Bravo
  • C - Charlie
  • D - Delta
  • E - Echo
  • F - Foxtrot
  • G - Golf
  • H - Hotel
  • I - India
  • J - Juliet
  • K - Kilo
  • L - Lima
  • M - Mike
  • N - November
  • O - Oscar
  • P - Papa
  • Q - Quebec
  • R - Romeo
  • S - Sierra
  • T - Tango
  • U - Uniform
  • V - Victor
  • W - Whiskey
  • X - X-ray
  • Y - Yankee
  • Z - Zulu

10 October 2009

Lottery Insight

  • Every now and then I will buy a Mega Millions ticket
  • I don't have special numbers or anything, I just get an easy pick ticket ... if it's meant to be it's meant to be.
  • I don't know about you, but there is something romantic about hugging one of those huge checks that happens to be with millions of dollars
  • ... I hope to be one of those people one day.
  • However, today I was checking tickets that I have collected throughout most of the summer, and realized that I am an utter failure so far in my quest for the big bucks.
  • whatever you do, don't play these numbers:
  • 10 17 22 31 29 46
  • 06 10 30 40 54 45
  • 01 05 10 12 39 13
  • 13 23 31 42 48 06
  • 06 24 29 34 52 09
  • 06 09 18 22 43 28

09 October 2009

08 October 2009

Book Bingeing

  • I typically read more than one book at a time
  • currently I am burning through:
  • Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin,
  • The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner, and
  • The Sun Also Rises by (duh) E.Hemingway.
  • strange?
  • I compare it to t.v ... you typically can keep up with more than 1 show without being confused, so why not do the same with books?

01 October 2009

National Parks vs. Pop Culture

National Parks
  • this week I have been tuning into The National Parks: America's Best Idea
  • ... it continues tonight & concludes tomorrow night on PBS
  • while I am a self proclaimed history nerd, I really believe that this documentary is excellent
  • all aspects of it, including: the footage (pictures & videos), the narratives, the narrators themselves, the people profiled ... the list goes on.
  • I think it is easy to forget how vast and beautiful America is
  • I also think that is amazing that certain people recognized this over a hundred years ago, and felt a sense of urgency to do something about it.
Pop Culture
  • Last night, my mom was reluctantly watching National Parks with me, and at the conclusion of the segment on the Great Smoky Mountains she jokingly quipped, "I can't believe they didn't even mention Smokey the Bear."
  • ... that got me to thinking that the National Parks have made several appearances in pop culture, including:
  • Smokey the Bear
  • Yogi Bear
  • Yosemite Sam
  • John Denver's Rocky Mountain High
  • the Brady Bunch took a trip to the Grand Canyon
  • ... the Griswolds also stopped by the Grand Canyon on their way to Wally World

30 September 2009

The most wild thing of all

  • I am amazed at all the attention Where the Wild Things Are is attracting:
  • the trailer on YouTube has nearly 2 million views
  • you can listen to the soundtrack here
  • it even made the Stuff White People Like list
  • Not to sound too cool for school, but I liked the book long before there was any mention of a movie version
  • ... and now it seems as if people are picking sides: either you're a die-hard fan, or you're a die-hard hater
  • I fall somewhere in the middle ... I just hope the movie is able to live up to all the hype surrounding it

29 September 2009

T.V. is the Devil

This past week I got sucked into watching the premiere's of the following shows. I enjoyed them all, and was really impressed with FlashForward.

28 September 2009

Songs you should know

Go and discover music that you don't necessarily hear on the radio:
  • There's Hope for You - William Elliott Whitmore
  • Seven Mile Island - Jason Isbell
  • Miracle Sun - Anthony Green
  • The Expert - The Champion And His Burning Flame
  • Furr - Blitzen Trapper
  • Bag of Hammers - Thao

27 September 2009

10 Worst Presidents

According to U.S. News the 10 Worst Presidents are:
  1. James Buchanan
  2. Warren Harding
  3. Andrew Johnson
  4. Franklin Pierce
  5. Millard Fillmore
  6. John Tyler
  7. Ulysses Grant
  8. William Henry Harrison
  9. (tie) Herbert Hoover & Richard Nixon
  10. Zachary Taylor

23 September 2009


  • I like [brackets] > (parentheses)
  • I have a crush on Jason Bateman
  • I really like the T-Mobile (that features the Cat Stevens song) commercial
  • I have made fun of the Twilight books/ movies more than anyone I know, but I'll admit it: the previews for New Moon make the movie look really good
  • I pretty much want everything from the new J.Crew catalog
  • I really can't stand Pearly Jam, but I really like 'The Fixer'

22 September 2009

Good things about Autumn

Welcome, Fall 2009, nice to meet you:
  • best/ most enjoyable time of the year to run ... it is a relief to not feel like I am going to sweat to death will out jogging
  • getting to wear long sleeves with skirts
  • pumpkin beer
  • hoodie weather
  • ... still windows down weather while driving weather
  • tv premiers ... and by that I mean, the Grey's Anatomy premier (!)
  • and lastly, the list of potential adventures on the horizon:
  • trip to Tennessee
  • beer festival
  • Oktoberfest dinner
  • pumpkin carving party
  • Halloween party

21 September 2009

Summer Is Dead

It is official, today is the last day of summer. Ugh. Although it feels like summer ends with the conclusion of August/ Labor Day ... today is the official end. And there are other signs that summer is dead:
  • it is considerably cooler outside
  • ... my ears even got cold when I was riding my bike the other night
  • ... and I've found myself in the occasional hoodie recently
  • it is dark, completely dark, by 8.00pm
  • it doesn't smell like summer outside anymore
  • none of the books I am currently reading have grains of sand embedded in the spine
  • Busch Gardens is closed
  • so are the pools
  • my bathing suit has not seen the warm summer sunshine in roughly 3 weeks
  • my tan is rapidly fading

20 September 2009

Beer Crushes

For better or worse, I judge my beers like I judge my books ... by the cover, or label. Additionally, aside from my love-fest with Miller High Life, I typically opt for wheat beers. Recently I have tried (and enjoyed) the following:

19 September 2009

Send me on my way

  • my mom calls me a book snob
  • ... I just think that I enjoy books
  • ... and reading
  • ... and reading outside
  • specifically:
  • at the beach
  • at the Lion's Bridge
  • at the fountains at City Center
  • ... nothing beats getting to read outside on a warm sunny day

18 September 2009

No List Friday

... because apparently posting more than once a week is too daunting a task right now. Feral kitten down by the river:

08 September 2009

Farewell, Big Bad Wolf

  • If you grew up in Virginia, most likely you're quite familiar with Busch Gardens
  • additionally, if that's the case, the Big Bad Wolf was probably the first 'real' coaster you rode on
  • ... and it was the world's first suspended roller coaster according to Busch
  • this was the 25th year of the BBW ... and it turned out to be it's last
  • yesterday was the final day of rides for the Big Bad Wolf
  • supposedly, it is being closed due to the fact that the company who builds replacement parts for the coaster has gone out of business.
  • I was at the park yesterday (... in between rain storms)
  • when we walked past the BBW there were no ribbons, no signs, no caution tape wrapped around the railings
  • it just looked like a typical day, aside from the fact that the line there was slightly longer than usual
  • in a way I found it a fitting way to go; the BBW is the most humble of the coasters at the park ... it cannot compete with the crazy flips and turns and massive drops of the newer coasters.
  • nonetheless, the Big Bad Wolf has been there for the past 25 years, ready to transport riders through a European village and zip down the drop overlooking the river

07 September 2009

Labor Day Tidbits

  • So, it's Labor Day ... but what is Labor Day?
  • first of all, it's always the first Monday in September
  • secondly, according to USA.gov Labor Day: "celebrates the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of America"
  • does anyone else find this ironic with the state of affairs today?

04 September 2009

No List Friday

I may be out of college, but I still enjoy High Life ... plus who doesn't enjoy vintage ads?

29 August 2009

Take a look, it's in a book ...

  • after 26 years, Reading Rainbow is being canceled!
  • seriously
  • while there have not been any new shows since 2006 ... PBS has been running reruns since then ... until now.
  • I loved watching Reading Rainbow as a kid
  • Who didn't?
  • ... and I always wanted to be one of the kids at the end of the show that gave a review/ suggested a book.
  • it just looked so cool to do.
  • anyway, I find it quite disenchanting that the show is being taken off the air.
  • Who's going to pick up the slack and make reading look cool if LeVar isn't around?

25 August 2009

iTunes, You're making me broke!

  • While I have had my trusty iPod for years now, I have never been a believer in purchasing music from iTunes
  • ... until recently, as in the past few months.
  • since then, I have purchased:
  • O.A.R. - All Sides
  • Kings of Leon - Only By the Night
  • Michael Jackson - Number Ones
  • MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
  • Third Eye Blind - Ursa Major
  • ... while I am happy with the new tunes ... my bank account is not happy with me

24 August 2009

New York, NY

My mom and sister just got back from visiting New York, and they brought me little gifts! What a surprise, I feel like a little kid ... and a little nerd, because I am so excited that I got:
  • a Project Runway poster (! :D) ... which they picked up at the Regis & Kelly show because Tim Gunn was a guest on the day they were there
  • 'Great Lines from Great Movies' Knowledge Cards (produced by Library of Congress!)
  • Benefit Lip Balm ... it may not be my usual Bert's Bees, but I'm a sucker for Benefit makeup
  • ... oh, and an, 'I Love Obama' postcard ... because we all know how much I love the Pres.

23 August 2009

Thanks, Bill

  • Dear Hurricane Bill,
  • first of all, 'Bill' is pretty much the least intimidating hurricane name I can imagine.
  • How bad can you be?
  • Anyway, I would just like to thank you for Friday afternoon.
  • The waves at VA Beach were the biggest I have ever seen there,
  • the current was strong and awesome,
  • and the water was cool, but not too cool,
  • it complimented the ridiculously hot air temperatures nicely.
  • Oh, and I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed lunch & brews on the beach,
  • and getting to spend the day with ol' pals.
  • I do not believe there's much else that could have made Friday any better.
  • Thanks again
  • ... and play nice once you hit land.

22 August 2009

Thank You, Trivia Night

Last week I was at a bar that had 'trivia night' ... as a result I was enlightened to the facts that:
  • there are 8 triple word scores on a Scrabble board
  • there are 4 horses on a polo team
  • Arizona was the 3rd to last state admitted to the Union

18 August 2009

Long Live August

While I have been utterly neglecting my blog, I have not been neglecting August ... the past few weeks have been filled with:
  • reading
  • running
  • family reunion on the Eastern Shore
  • Nags Head
  • beer pong
  • cook outs
  • parties
  • kayaking
  • DMB concert

17 August 2009


Love summer... Love these stamps:

Remember me? I know it has been a while, but stay tuned ... the List shall return, with a vengeance.

31 July 2009

25 July 2009

8 Jobs at Once

  • Who knows the 8 official U.S. Presidential titles?
  • ... I could name 4.
  • Chief executive
  • Chief diplomat
  • Chief legislator
  • Chief jurist
  • Chief of party
  • Commander in chief
  • World leader
  • Voice of the people

23 July 2009

I Like Your Cover ...

  • The 13 July 2009 issue of Newsweek was all about books!
  • one of my favorite features was the piece they ran on favorite book covers ...
  • in no particular order they chose the following books (& editions):
  • A Million Little Pieces - James Frey (2003)
  • The Year of Magical Thinking - Joan Didion (2005)
  • Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth - Chris Ware (2000)
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - Mark Haddon (2003)
  • A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius - Dave Eggers (2000)
  • Everything is Illuminated - Jonathan Safran Foer (2002)
  • Twilight - Stephanie Meyer (2005) ... bleh, well, no list is perfect

22 July 2009

On the Horizon

  • Since camp, I have been settling back into my normal ... lame existence.
  • It's a weird transition not having my days planned out for me, and not having to be certain places at certain times.
  • Nonetheless, tomorrow I am heading down to Myrtle Beach for the weekend,
  • and then the weekend after that I am headed to the Eastern Shore for a family reunion
  • ... followed by hanging out with Lindsay in the Outer Banks
  • ... and returning in time for the Dave Matthews Band concert.
  • other than that, I hope to make it up to DC soon ... oh, how I miss it.
  • I wish the summer lasted longer.

21 July 2009

Welcome Back

  • Whoop, whoop ... I am back.
  • However, karma is a bitch.
  • Remember when I was really bummed about having to go to summer camp?
  • Well, fast forward 2 weeks, and I am completely bummed that camp is over.
  • I have been in such a slump it isn't even funny.
  • How did I spend my first night back from camp?
  • ... well, while my friends were drinking and having fun ... I sat in a corner eating macaroni & cheese, drinking beer, and sulking about not having any campers to boss around.
  • ... and by 'boss around' I mean, 'have lots of fun with and genuinely enjoy their company'
  • this was the third time I have done camp ... and without a doubt, this was the best group of kids that I have had.
  • They were really too good to be true; throughout the duration of camp, I kept waiting for everything to come crashing down and for them to reveal their true demon-esque selves, but that never happened.
  • While I know there is a market for drug trafficking, maybe I can tap into a market for smuggling my campers that I liked back into the U.S.

04 July 2009

Happy Birthday, America

Seriously, go out and celebrate with your friends.

03 July 2009

No List Friday

This is the Yorktown Victory Monument ... Liberty stands atop it ... I hear Liberty may be replaced with the bust of Obama.

02 July 2009

A Farwell to Freedom

  • So this weekend I am heading to summer camp
  • ... to work.
  • back when I was in college I worked summer camp ... and now that I am happily unemployed/ retired I have no real excuse not to go
  • but my attitude right now?
  • ugh
  • I am like a pouty kid being shipped away for the summer
  • there are pros such as:
  • a paycheck
  • being out of my parents house for 2 weeks
  • a paycheck
  • being away from t.v. and computer
  • as well as negatives:
  • being surrounded by teenagers with raging hormones
  • having to deal with campers' shenanigans
  • having to work
  • not getting as much sleep as I'm used to
  • basically being held captive for the better part of July
  • actually having to camp
  • not being able to consume alcohol for the duration of camp
  • ... and, of course I am completely unprepared ... I have not even thought about packing and I have to go shopping tomorrow for: bandaids, hair bands, batteries, sunscreen, bug spray, flying insect spray, and anti-itch spray in case the biting critters make it to my flesh

29 June 2009

Sweet Summertime

  • Had a wonderful summer weekend that included:
  • Kenny Chesney concert
  • playing in a dodgeball tournament
  • going to the Indy Car Race in Richmond
  • brunch at Marker 20
  • ... I'm headed to summer camp next week, so this week is the last week of shenanigans for a while

26 June 2009

No List Friday

Oh Michael, Free Willy will never be the same ...

25 June 2009

Seriously Newport News?

  • I was trying to access the online catalog for the library
  • then I stumbled upon the Summer Youth Employment Program
  • you know, just your basic summer library job for kids who are 16-24
  • ... but then I realized you had to qualify by being one (or more) of the following:
  • behind in school credits
  • behind in grade level
  • basic skill deficient
  • juvenile offender
  • pregnant or parenting
  • school dropout
  • homeless, runaway, or foster child
  • ha!
  • Are these kids really competent to be working at a library (of all places)?
  • ... and, are these the type of kids you really want working for you?

24 June 2009

Dear DC,

I was taken aback by the DC Metro crash earlier this week.

Due to my time spent in living Fairfax, as well as working and drinking downtown I have:
  • ridden,
  • spent bunches and bunches of money in order to ride,
  • battled rush hour crowds,
  • bitched about train delays,
  • bitched about the crowds on the platforms,
  • bitched about the crowds on the trains,
  • bitched about smelly homeless people on the trains,
  • bitched about the tourists who ride at rush hour in the summer,
  • dealt with the fact that iPods/ cell phones destroy SmartTrip cards,
  • scowled at obnoxious drunk people,
  • and been an obnoxious drunk person,
  • on the Metro too many times to count.
Nonetheless, the Metro enabled me to be able to venture to almost all corners of DC. So even though I am currently out of the realm of the mass transit system ... my thoughts and prayers have wandered that way this week.

23 June 2009

Confessions - The Bachelorette

  • Where can you find me Monday nights?
  • well ... I'll admit it: I've been watching the Bachelorette
  • I have never watched the Bachelor or the Bachelorette ... so it is something new for me
  • I think it is interesting because it just seems faker than most other reality shows ... it all just seems very staged/ set up, and it seems like everyone is there for reasons other than, "to find love."
  • Anyway, the more the show goes on, the more I think Jillian is utterly dumb and deserves to be with Wes
  • I mean, who can't see through his bs?

19 June 2009

No List Friday

Proof that Richmond, VA is not all abandoned buildings and homeless people:

18 June 2009

Confessions - I Am a Nerd Edition

  • I envy crossword puzzle doers ... my poor spelling skills + sub par vocabulary = not crossword friendly
  • Jeopardy is the -ish
  • Chess is dumb
  • however, I like Mancala
  • I have a pocket sized copy of the U.S. Constitution that I got my senior year of high school; I still carry it with me most of the time.
  • I judge [book] covers
  • I judge [you] based on the book I see you with

17 June 2009

Look It Up

Last week, via [F]oxymoron's Twitter ... I stumbled upon the 50 most frequently looked up words on NYtimes.com. Clearly, NY Times is not your typical local paper ... here are the Top 10 words:
  • sui generis
  • solipsistic
  • louche
  • laconic
  • saturnine
  • antediluvian
  • epistemological
  • shibboleths
  • penury
  • sumptuary
Check out the rest here.

12 June 2009

No List Friday

In the pilot's seat; I love this time of year ... it's the best for evening bike rides with my brother:

11 June 2009

No Doubt-a-licious

  • The hip nonconforming punk rock teenager that I claim to once be would have been proud of me.
  • I went and saw No Doubt last night.
  • This is how it started:
  • - Liz (me): don't laugh at me, but, I-really-wanna-go-to-the-No-Doubt-concert
  • - Lindsay: Me too!
  • ... so we got tickets, (for $14.00!) and went to the show.
  • First of all, when we got there we accidentally ended up in the 'premiere parking' section ... which, if you did not assume, is in the very front, and costs $20.00 to put your car there.
  • We were there for free which was nice to park in the front ... and when we left we got suck in absolutely no traffic ... a first for me.
  • Anyway, I loved the show
  • Gwen Stefani is the -ish
  • She ran around, and jumped around, and spun in circles, and did push ups (!) ... real push ups.
  • I was amazed at how many people were there
  • I believe it is a testament to the quality of a band that their last studio album came out in 2001 ... and they are still able to fill an amphitheatre to capacity.
  • The show was full of energy, and the amazing songs that built the foundation of their greatness.

10 June 2009

Forget about the triple word scores ...

  • I just got the Scrabble Slam game
  • I am the black sheep in a family of devout Scrabble players
  • I also joke that there is too much thinking required by Scrabble to consider it a 'game.'
  • Luckily, the people over at Hasbro have developed a Scrabble game for 'my' people in the form of Slam.
  • I really like it because:
  • it's quick ... you jut play through the deck, and then the game it over
  • there's no point counting
  • you don't have to wait your turn - everyman for himself
  • it's fun
  • ... and challenging at times ... puts that brain of yours to work.
  • I also like playing it because I believe it's one of the few games that kids could play as well as people tall enough to ride roller coasters.
  • So, if you're like me:
  • impulsive
  • short attention span
  • me-di-o-cre spelling skills
  • frugal (Slam is $5.00)
  • ... you'll probably enjoy it, too.

07 June 2009

Yeah, I'm A Baller

Forbes recently released the World's Most Powerful Celebrities ... yeah, it's pretty ridiculous. Here are the Top 10:
  1. Angelina Jolie
  2. Oprah Winfrey
  3. Madonna
  4. Beyonce
  5. Tiger Woods
  6. Bruce Springsteen
  7. Steven Spielberg
  8. Jennifer Aniston
  9. Brad Pitt
  10. Kobe Bryant
Check out the rest here.

06 June 2009

Schlotzsky's = FAIL

  • For some reason, this past week the joke has been on me ... nothing has gone my way
  • Thursday all I wanted for lunch was a roast beef & cheese sandwich from Schlotzsky's
  • but I didn't want to spend money ... I dealt with the internal conflict, and decided to go and buy lunch
  • So I went to Schlotzsky's and payed $5.79 for a roast beef & cheese
  • When I got home my sister asked what I picked up for lunch ... I started rambling about:
  • - how much I like Schlotzsky's sandwich's
  • - that the last time I ate there was about a month ago
  • - and ever since then I have been craving it.
  • .... I was talking as I was unwrapping my sandwich ... and then there was silence when I realized I was not looking down at a roast beef & cheese
  • I unwrapped some sort of wrap
  • yuck
  • it was basically salad, a few pieces of chicken, dressing, rolled up in a soft taco
  • ... like I said, jokes on me
  • so I ate it
  • it was like punishment food
  • AND whatever mystery dressing was on it made my mouth tingle ... and by 'tingle' I mean burn uncontrollably ... and my eyes water ... and my nose run
  • it was not a fun experience
  • ... nor was it the delightful lunch that I had planned on consuming

05 June 2009

No List Friday

Recently my sister purchased a Pet Camera for the family cat, McNabb. You simply clip the cam to his collar, and then it snaps a picture every 5 minutes.  I was very surprised with the quality of the pictures.  As a result of the footage ... it's clear the McNabb is a chronic napper ... below is a picture of him in the grass; I thought it was adorable because you can see his lil' paws stretched out.

04 June 2009

The Man in the Cowboy Hard Hat

  • there is currently a road being widened near my parents house, so there seems to be construction workers out n' about constantly
  • a few months ago, the UPS man asked my brother if he has seen the guy who wears a cowboy had hat ... as opposed to your typical hard hat that construction workers wear
  • ... ever since that conversation we have been [seemingly] keeping our eyes peeled when driving past the workers trying to spot a guy in a cowboy hard hat
  • I never saw this guy that was supposedly out working in a hard hat disguised as a cowboy hat
  • ... I was beginning to think that it was all made up
  • I even looked it up online to see is such a thing existed
  • ... then, one day about a week ago I was on my way to get something for lunch when I saw him ... seriously, it had become so built up, it was like spotting Santa Claus
  • I believe I also almost hit him with my car
  • ... good thing he was wearing his cowboy hard hat

03 June 2009

Free Stuff Wednesday

29 May 2009

No List Friday

A couple of Friday's back I participated in a mud run.  I had a moment of weakness, and a 5k trail run that ended with crawling through a mud pit seemed like a good idea.  This is the sequence of events:

pre-mud with my brother

post run/mud with my brother ... that's as close as he would get to me
my poor kicks

26 May 2009

I'm thinking of a number between 7 and 9

I know I have so much to catch up on, but for today: the Top 50 Text Acronyms Parents Should Know according to netlingo. I think the list ranges from 'funny' to 'seriously?' ... plus most sound straight out of To Catch a Predator.
  • 8 - oral sex
  • 1337 - elite
  • 143 - I love you
  • 182 - I hate you
  • 459 - I love you
  • 1174 - nude club
  • 420 - [guess]
  • adr - address
  • asl - age/ sex/ location
  • banana - penis
  • cd9 - code 9 - parents alert
  • dum - do you masturbate
  • dusl - do you scream loud
  • fb - f --- buddy 
  • fmltwia - f me like the whore I am
  • fol - fond of leather
  • gnoc - get naked on cam
  • gypo - get your pants off
  • iaym - I am your master
  • if - in the front
  • iit - is it tight?
  • ilfd/ ilmd - I like female/ male dominance
  • imezru - I am easy are you?
  • iwsn - I want sex now
  • jo - jack off
  • kfy - kiss for you
  • kitty - vagina
  • kpc - keeping parents clueless
  • lmirl - let's meet in real life
  • moos - member of the opposite sex
  • moss - member of the same sex
  • morf - male or female
  • mos - mom over shoulder
  • mpfb - my personal f buddy
  • nalopkt - not a lot of people that know
  • nifoc - nude in front of the computer
  • nmu - not much you?
  • p911 - parent alert
  • pal - parents are listening
  • paw - parents are watching
  • pir - parent in room
  • pos - parent over shoulder
  • pron - porn
  • q2c - quick to cum
  • ru18 - are you over 18
  • ruh - are you horny?
  • s2r - send to receive
  • sorg - straight or gay?
  • tdtm - talk dirty to me
  • wycm - will you call me?

19 May 2009

Top 26

The Washingtonian has recently released their 26 Reasons to Love Washington:
  1. You can see the sky
  2. The Obamas are our neighbors [debatable]
  3. Library of Congress
  4. You can discover the world here
  5. Star sightings
  6. Women have real choices
  7. The mix of North and South
  8. Employers want to be here
  9. The Caps
  10. Our kids speak many languages [seriously?]
  11. It's clean
  12. The backdrops
  13. The expressions of tourists
  14. We live where others just visit
  15. The attention to detail in the city
  16. We have experts in everything
  17. It's always surprising
  18. Our cabbies [excuse me?]
  19. Our city is filled of intellectuals
  20. There are more idealists here than anywhere else
  21. Uniqueness is celebrated
  22. You can feel at home
  23. The aura of excitement
  24. Museums
  25. We're inventing the future
  26. You never know who you're going to meet at a party

14 May 2009

Confessions - Grey's Anatomy

  • Tonight is the season finale of Grey's Anatomy
  • Grey's is my guilty pleasure
  • I completely understand how fake it is, especially the fact that the overwhelming majority of the doctors are good looking ... do hospitals like that really exist?
  • nonetheless I have kept up with the show since it started
  • this season has been especially good
  • I think it has some of the best narratives on t.v.
  • the music featured on the show is also amazingly good ... who had heard of The Fray or Get Set Go (you probably still haven't heard of Get Set Go, but you'd recognize their music from the show) before Grey's?
  • Did you watch last weeks episode?
  • ... I did not get a chance to watch it until today ... as per usual it did not fail to deliver
  • These are the scenes that got me teary eyed:
  • when Alex was talking to the lone survivor of the car crash ... and she recited her speech
  • when Izzie realized the wedding dress was for her
  • when Izzie told Christina she was the maid of honor because she tried to save her life and that was an honorable thing to do
  • ... and pretty much throughout the entire wedding scene, but especially when Alex was talking.
  • I have mixed feelings about tonight's show ... I doubt Izzie will bounce back with her tumor magically disappearing, and then everyone vacation in Hawaii together to celebrate 
  • ... but I can hope

Lil' Bits of Happy

Coming soon:
  • warm weather
  • sunny days
  • fun sunglasses
  • summer reading
  • summer dresses
  • the beach
  • getting a tan
  • cookouts
  • sitting outside at bars
  • ice cold brews
  • corn hole
  • ... bring on the fun

13 May 2009

To Vegas and Beyond

  • This past weekend I headed to Las Vegas with some pals; it was similar to the trek I made there 2 years ago
  • on the flights I got to watch Yes Man and Marley & Me ... I enjoyed them both
  • ... I don't enjoy flying
  • but I survived
  • the weather there was amazing ... in the 90's and sunny
  • Friday night I went to see the Dave Matthews concert at MGM
  • Saturday night I was able to get in to see the encore
  • Vegas is interesting to me because of the people that are there
  • you definitely cannot beat the people watching opportunities ... I have never seen a more interesting array of class mixed with trash ... mixed with lots of Mexicans passing out cards for prostitutes
  • aside from the inevitable mass amounts of walking that are required to get around the strip (and the air travel) I would say the trip was a complete success, and a nice break from the monotony of VA

08 May 2009

No List Friday

NASCAR in Richmond

Bruce Springsteen in Charlottesville, VA

Today: headed to Las Vegas for the weekend

07 May 2009

Poor men wanna be rich, rich men wanna be king

Last August I went to see Bruce Springsteen in Richmond, VA with my mom; Tuesday night we saw him in Charlottesville, VA.
  • I once again had a wonderful time
  • First of all, we stayed at The English Inn:
  • It looks exactly like the faux town that the Big Bad Wolf zips through.
  • Anyway, the concert:
  • it was very different from last year in Richmond
  • not bad, just different
  • the sound quality was 100x better, which was a pleasant surprise
  • like last August, I was forced to tune out Bruce's liberal propaganda ... I have to remind myself that nobody's perfect.
  • song highlights included:
  • Badlands, Adam Raised A Cain, Kingdom of Days, Born to Run, Thunder Road
  • ... and 2 songs that if you're not familiar with Springsteen you have probably never heard of: Spirit In the Night & Tenth Avenue Freeze Out. Listening to the album version of these 2 especially, do not do them justice ... it's an entirely different experience to hear (and see them performed) live.
  • it's amazing what they do on stage 
  • they play good music,
  • the energy they emit is amazing, (... especially if you factor in their ages)
  • there was plenty of fist pumping, clapping, hand waving, and screaming from the crowd ...
  • the die hard fans are an entity in their own right.
  • I can only imagine how crazy/ amazing they must have been during their 'glory days'
  • not a bad way to spend a Tuesday evening

03 May 2009

Start Your Engines

  • Friday I headed up to Richmond to check out the Nationwide Race
  • think what you may, but a day at the track is quite fun/ entertaining/ interesting to say the least
  • a few years ago I got to go to a Sprint Cup Series race, and this was my first Nationwide race
  • it was nice because it was generally less rowdy than the Sprint race, far less crowded, which in turn translated into far less of a headache getting out of Richmond after the race.
  • leading up to the race, there are things to keep you occupied all day-
  • interactive displays, cars to look at, free things to collect from:
  • Combos
  • Klondike Bars
  • Hellman's Mayonnaise
  • Lipton
  • Chevy tee-shirts
  • Miracle Grow (Seriously ... who decided potting soil was cool?)
  • Tylenol
  • Prilosec ... to compliment to barbeque competition
  • posters
  • pictures
  • cups
  • lanyards
  • key chains
  • all sorts of coozies
  • every brand of chewing tobacco that exists; 
  • and you can't beat the people watching ...
  • the diversity of the crowd spans the spectrum of the socioeconomic scale 
  • there are, of course, the fair amount of country rednecks ... easily spotted for their lack of shirts, beer bellies, and beer in hand (they tend to stay in the fields tailgating throughout the day, until it is time to migrate to the track)
  • people who appear to be far more concerned with having the newest gear of their favorite driver than investing in a 401k ... most likely they are unaware of what the heck a 401k is
  • yuppie families ... seriously
  • dogs wearing NASCAR bandannas
  • ... and just lots of your run of the mill NASCAR fans.
  • the race itself was fun to watch
  • unfortunately Kyle Busch won ... but hearing (and seeing) the crowd's reaction to him when he was introduced at the beginning of the night, and after he won was refreshing.
  • It's nice to see that NASCAR fans find common ground in their hatred for Kyle.

01 May 2009

No List Friday

These were so cool until you ate half of it and then tried to save the rest ... and it magically turned gross

30 April 2009

A Farwell to April

The sun was warm but the wind was chill.
You know how it is with an April day.
  • I can't believe it's the end of April
  • I have issues with 'ends'
  • I think it goes with my issues with change
  • although, I don't have issues with the ends of bad movies, or the end of a hangover ... I am just glad to be done with them
  • whatever the case, I have a fond affection for April and May
  • I believe they are the perfect segue from winter to summer
  • April 2009 was not bad at all ... and my biggest adventure was my trip to Boston
  • once there I:
  • drove past Cheers
  • explored Harvard
  • went on the Sam Adams brewery tour
  • had dinner in New Hampshire
  • went to a used bookstore
  • had good drinks with good friends
  • watched Superbad twice
  • explored the Boston waterfront
  • ... and being the nerd that I am, I really liked being on Paul Revere's stomping ground, and exploring Bunker Hill.
  • So long, April ... welcome May!

29 April 2009

Confessions - Cold Treats

  • with warmer temperatures appearing on a more regular basis, my mind wandered to things that I enjoy cold:
  • I chew ice
  • a lot
  • I remember in the 7th grade when I had braces I would break them constantly from chewing ice ... this resulted in multiple unplanned trips to the orthodontist
  • and I enjoy things cold/ frozen that typically are consumed at room temperature such as Oreos and M&M's
  • chocolate ice cream is by far my favorite
  • by "chocolate ice cream" I mean "Breyers chocolate ice cream"
  • I absolutely despise snow cones

27 April 2009

... and today my arm is sore

  • yesterday I played Disc Golf for the first time
  • I was a fumbling mess
  • typically just the boys I hang out with play, but yesterday I decided to tag along with them
  • it was more fun than I thought it would be ... but I don't think I was born to toss a Frisbee into a chain infested basket

  • things that I did wrong:
  • I showed up in a skirt
  • I am out of shape
  • I called it a, "nerd game"
  • my main motivation in going was because it was so sunny out ... and I'm working diligently on a tan
  • while I am 99% left handed for whatever reason I throw a disc (and yield a shotgun in case you were wondering) right handed
  • I can only throw backhands
  • I mentioned more than once that it would be more fun if we had beer
  • I yelled obscenities after the majority of my shots
  • I believe my final score was 16 ... as in 16 above par
  • ... and today my arm is sore

25 April 2009

Sing With Me

  • Dear 23 April 2009 episode of Grey's Anatomy:
  • As per usual, your musical content did not disappoint;
  • ... as a result I found myself purchasing the following from iTunes
  • The Rescues - Stay Over
  • The Rescues - Break Me Out
  • Shady Bard - Summer Came When We Were Falling Out
  • Yeah, I know it spans the spectrum from happy and upbeat down to pretty low.
    But when it comes to music I am a pretty diverse girl.
  • The Rescues has a sound, at times, that really reminds me of Sister Hazel [if they added a girl to their band] ... and Shady Bard is just depressingly good.
  • Both are worth checking out.
  • Happy listening!
  • Fondly,
  • Liz

23 April 2009

A call for transparency

22 April 2009

The Runaround

  • I don't know what has gotten into me ... but I must have had a breakdown at some point, become delusional, and mistakenly believed that I am an 'active' person
  • I decided to do 100 Push Ups which I discovered via LifeInPink's Twitter page
  • then, next month on back to back days I am doing the
  • Filthy 5k Mud Run
  • Lytle Law 5k
  • I also want a good excuse to buy these
  • and today I received my Runner's World Training Log in the mail
  • ... believe me, my fat, lazy, beer drinking, lounging around self is crying on the inside

21 April 2009

Sunny Day

  • this past Thursday night I went to see Sunshine Cleaning
  • my main motivation for seeing the movie was that Emily Blunt was in it ... and I feel a sense of loyalty towards her because of my love for The Devil Wears Prada
  • plus I had a gift card, so I got to go for free
  • since I am not a movie person I did not have high expectations for Sunshine, but I decided to give it a shot
  • I ended up really enjoying the movie
  • it spanned the emotional spectrum
  • obviously there were some really sad parts, but there were also some very uplifting parts
  • ... even some, "are you serious?" moments

20 April 2009

Spring Break Festivities

This past week my good friend, LP, was on spring break as a result of working at an elementary school. Being that I am still refusing to work, we both had an enjoyable week together. Fun included:
  • shopping at MacArthur Mall
  • shopping at the Williamsburg Outlets
  • lunches
  • dinners
  • a trip to the bookstore
  • watching Superbad
  • going to see Sunshine Cleaning
  • ... the week concluded with a cookout turned drunk-fest on Saturday night
  • you know, at 20 this behavior was more acceptable and maybe even considered "cool;" but at 26? - well, what was once cool is now pathetic
  • nonetheless, I consider the week a success ... I have good friends and good times; I am a lucky gal

17 April 2009

No List Friday

I sincerely apologize for my recent neglect of my beloved LifeAsList. Stay tuned, the rest of April will be a superb. 

11 April 2009

Lent Results

  • Lent concluded on Thursday
  • this year I decided to give up drinking alcohol
  • I ended up drinking on 3 occasions:
  • Lindsay's birthday bash
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • and during the trip to Boston
  • ... while I did not go the complete 40 days without a drop of alcohol, I did make the conscious effort not to drink ... and there were times when I was around groups of people drinking and I abstained.
  • Cheers to us all, and
  • Happy Easter

09 April 2009

Yay for May!

May is shaping up to be wildly awesome:
  • May 2nd: Richmond NASCAR Race
  • May 5th: Bruce Springsteen in Charlottesville, VA
  • May 8th - 11th: Las Vegas, NV
  • May 15: Riverrock Mud Run
  • May 25th: Memorial Day Bash

04 April 2009

Train Games

Today, I am taking the train up to Boston. Mainly I am training it because I absolutely despise flying ... especially alone. I have packed myself an activity/ survival kit (what am I? 8 years old?) that includes:

03 April 2009

No List Friday

This weekend I am headed to:
... to hang with some pretty cool cats.

02 April 2009

Word Love

I am quite possibly the world's worst speller, but that doesn't keep me from loving words. Some of my favorites include:
  • behoove
  • bewilder
  • bologna ... only because it is not spelled the way it sounds
  • nonetheless ... 3 words in 1!

31 March 2009

Spread the Word ...

If you know it's wrong to use derogatory language with regard to women, minorities, and gays ... than why should people with disabilities be any different?

Today, Special Olympics launched their new campaign:


30 March 2009


  • I absolutely could not stand Steve Carell until I saw Dan In Real Life
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with The Devil Wears Prada
  • I really want to see Sunshine Cleaning
  • ... although I hated Little Miss Sunshine
  • I have recently seen The Secret Life of Bees and I Love You, Man
  • ... while at opposite ends of the spectrum, I enjoyed them both
  • Skat Kat!
  • paying bills really puts me in a bad mood
  • I am going to Boston at the end of the week
  • I am excited about April

28 March 2009

Spring Reading Thing

I decided to participate in the Spring Reading Thing to get my lazy reading butt in gear.  

I fully intend to conquer (and enjoy):
  • The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster
  • Dewy by Vicki Myron
  • A Version of the Truth by Jennifer Kaufman
  • Stern Men by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner
  • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig

27 March 2009

No List Friday

I admit it - I once had one of those tee-shirts with this image:

Did you?

26 March 2009

Throw it out

The most recent issue of Real Simple mentioned the book, Throw Out Fifty Things. I got excited thinking that it would be a list of 50 specific things to get rid of in order to de-clutter your life and de-clutter your mind. It would be like a scavenger hunt. Not exactly ... the book serves more so as a guide with suggestions. Things to get rid of include:
  1. decorative pillows
  2. old work clothes
  3. shoes
  4. expired medications
  5. old makeup
  6. nail polish
  7. ugly lipstick
  8. magazines
  9. old spices
  10. the 'junk drawer'
  11. banged up pans
  12. nearly empty jars in the fridge
  13. books
  14. records
  15. burned down candles
  16. old napkins [I'm assuming cloth]
  17. place mats
  18. ugly dishes
  19. plates
  20. chandeliers
  21. mirrors
  22. folding chairs
  23. unused headboards
  24. old rugs
  25. unused toaster oven
  26. children's games
  27. blackboard
  28. toy piano
  29. guitar
  30. wallpaper
  31. wicker baskets
  32. clay pots
  33. old paint
  34. plant fertilizer
  35. wicker chest
  36. business guru books
  37. old presentation materials
  38. old manuscripts that have been digitized
  39. old documents
  40. mementos ... tote bags, folders, key chains
  41. fear of the future
  42. comparing yourself with others
  43. the person you think you aren't
  44. regrets and mistakes
  45. being right about how wrong everyone else is
  46. the need to have everyone like you
  47. thinking the worst
  48. waiting for the right moment
  49. needing to feel secure
  50. the feeling that you have to do everything for yourself
While the book is not what I expected ... it didn't seem horrible. It included ideas about how to donate/ recycle, and suggestions about resources for the disposal of hazardous materials. There is also a built in score sheet at the end of each chapter to help you track your progress. So, would I purchase the book? I would probably buy the paperback version if it was on sale.

25 March 2009

The Aftermath

  • so, like I said I ran in an 8k on Saturday
  • ... I am not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing
  • prior to running, I was going to the gym constantly, eating somewhat healthy, and just being more active in general
  • since Saturday?
  • I have reverted back to my old self
  • I enjoy sleeping
  • I eat constantly
  • ... and horribly
  • for example, I have been practically binging on dunking Oreo's in peanut butter
  • I have not been to the gym since last Thursday
  • I can feel myself turning into a blob
  • it's not pretty

23 March 2009

Shamrock 8k

  • on Saturday morning I ran in the Shamrock 8k
  • I completed the race in 57 minutes
  • to some people running 4.97  miles is not a big deal; I however hate running, and by 'hate' I mean 'really really hate'
  • ... additionally I can't stand cold weather, and it was freezing Saturday morning
  • while I am at it, I am not a fan of being up really early ( i.e. 5:00am) on a Saturday
  • I really don't know what I was thinking by signing up for this torture
  • however, I really enjoyed it ... the whole experience.
  • the running world is the subculture that I did not know existed until this weekend
  • seriously, who really enjoys running? - NOT ME
  • when I went to pick up my race packet on Friday I felt like a fish out of water
  • it seemed like everyone there was in really good shape and knew exactly where to go, not to mention my mom (who I dragged there with me because apparently I'm like a 7 year old) kept saying things like, "wow, there's no fat people here; look like you know what's going on; are all of these people going to be in the race?"
  • ugh
  • after surviving that, I arrived bright and early for the race Saturday morning with my mom and brother ... who were kind enough to come and support me
  • we were able to cruise right into the closest parking garage and get me to the starting area in time
  • and then I ran 4.97 miles, and it ended up not being the Bataan Death March that I had built it up to be in my head
  • I collected my medal, goody bag, and a bottle of water, and we were on the way home by around 10:15a.m. 
  • the whole thing was really overwhelming for me ... I was definitely out of my comfort zone, and when I finished running, I really felt a great sense of accomplishment

22 March 2009

New Challenges

  • today I purchased:
  • I have enjoyed Sudoku puzzles since before they were cool
  • but I have gotten out of the habit of doing the puzzles
  • thus, after sifting through the puzzle books at the bookstore today, and comparing such factors as: price v. amount of puzzles; variations of difficulty of puzzles; and cover art; I decided to get Boss Lady Sudoku
  • I have had puzzle books before, but I have never completed one cover to cover ... I usually bounce around, get stuck on puzzles --- start a new one, get bored with book, lose book ... whatever
  • I want this one to be different ... I want to conquer all 124 puzzles
  • and I want to complete the book as quickly as possible
  • ... let the number filling in begin :)

20 March 2009

No List Friday

The only situation where I'm better with numbers, as opposed to words:
Crossword v. Sudoku.

17 March 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day to All; here is what I'm thinking:
  • bands such as Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphy's and Carbon Leaf are way more cooler today than the other 364 days of the year
  • ... the same goes for drinking Guinness, Killian's Irish Red, and downing Irish Carbombs
  • all of a sudden everyone you talk to has some Irish in their family
  • come Wednesday ... I'm sure a large number of people's Facebook profile pictures will be a shot of their 'crazy drunken shenanigans' from Tuesday
  • white people like St. Patrick's Day
  • don't get me wrong, I wear green, but I observed on the metro Saturday (on their way to Shamrock Fest) the people with the most over the top outfits were either chubby drunk/ obnoxious frat boys ... or overweight girls. Is there a connection between obesity and compensating by wearing horrible green outfits and headpieces? ... sounds like a dissertation topic to me.

16 March 2009

How I spent Saturday

  • I tagged along with my mom to DC on Friday because she had to go there for a conference
  • the plan was to drive up with her Friday and then catch the train home on Saturday
  • I decided to not get in contact with anyone I knew in the area, and spend Saturday completely alone (... my mom did not understand this at all)
  •  I think there is a fine line between being able to enjoy a day on your own, and being too comfortable being alone ... that is, turning into a feral person of sorts
  • anyway, how did I spend my day?
  • in the morning, I went with my mom to the Convention Center to help her finish setting up her display
  • then we had time for coffee/ tea before parting ways
  • I headed back to the Madison to pack up my things for the day, relax for a little while, and complete a Sudoku puzzle
  • after leaving the hotel I was going to walk, but was deterred by the drizzle and cold air, so I caught the metro to Union Station in order to go to the National Postal Museum
  • I loved the postal museum
  • ... I think it is one of the more humble Smithsonian museums, mainly because it is smaller and since it is not on the mall
  • from there, since I still had some time to kill, I decided to run over to the mall to see the newly re-opened American History Museum
  • I thought I had an idea about what I was getting myself into ... being that it was a rainy Saturday afternoon
  • but seriously?
  • once getting into the actual building I realized that there were lines (ridiculously long lines) on each floor for each wing
  • I couldn't get over it ... families being herded like cattle in order to see the dresses of the First Ladies
  • It was interesting to see. But at the same time, that must be such a horrible museum experience; being forced to march single file through a museum like ants carrying bread crumbs to the queen.
  • Yuck. Gag me.
  • so I bolted out of there ... by that time I just decided to head back to Union Station to eat and wait for my train
  • aside from a delay there were no huge mishaps getting back to good ol' Newport News
  • overall it was a good day