19 January 2009

We Are One, A Conservative's Review

  • I went to the concert
  • It was one of those 'why not?' things
  • ... I had nothing better to do, so I spent the day standing out in the cold ... and was absolutely amazed at the day I had
  • Pros:
  • no traffic on the way up to DC
  • practically empty parking garage at the metro
  • painless commute into the city
  • painless walk to the mall
  • Quotes from Republicans!
  • including: Lincoln, Reagan, Eisenhower, and T.Roosevelt
  • the smorgasbord of quotations that were chosen
  • the smorgasbord of song that were chosen
  • the singers who attended
  • the clips that were shown of past events held on the mall
  • the clips that were shown of FDR, and Kennedy 
  • I was completely overwhelmed and flabbergasted by the amount of people that attended ... I cannot adequately put into words what it was like
  • getting the heck out of Dodge! while the metro was crowded ... it was totally managable, such a pleasant surprise
  • the picture below was from 9.30am shortly after I arrived with my mom and aunt

  • Cons:
  • everyone assuming we voted for you-know-who
  • being surrounded by everyone who voted for you-know-who
  • it was a little on the chilly side
  • Jack Black
  • spending over an hour in the concessions line
  • paying $24 for 3 hot dogs and 3 hot chocolates
  • the positives of the day far outweighed the negative ... the picture below is from the same spot as the one above ... at 1.00pm

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