27 February 2009

No List Friday

Who is person I can't believe made it to the Top 12, and I hope gets kicked off as soon as possible?

26 February 2009

Top Chef? or "Undeserving-lack-of-talent-chef Somehow Wins"

  • I enjoy watching Top Chef
  • did you miss it last night? Read this
  • last night was the finale and I was hoping for this outcome:
  1. Carla
  2. Stefan
  3. Hosea
  • psh, it could not have turned out worse
  • stupid d-bag Hosea won, followed by Stefan, and then Carla
  • after reading blogs/ columns/ and comments about the show today, I am glad to report that I am not the only one that believes that Hosea is the luckiest, most undeserving, underwhelming, untalented, not to mention ugly, winner
  • it really is a slap in the face to past winners as well as the contestants who were more deserving of the prize this year

25 February 2009


  • I am so over winter it's not even funny
  • so, I still get Delia's catalogues in the mail ... I got one yesterday, and I pretty much want everything in it. At 26, I am having an identity crisis.
  • I really want this
  • ok fine, I watch NASCAR ... while I do like Carl Edwards, I am an "anyone but Kyle Busch" fan. He's such a prick.
  • my favorite Beatles song is Let It Be
  • likewise, my favorite Sesame Street song was Letter B
  • my absolute hands down, without a doubt, favorite part of the Sex and the City movie is when Carrie beats Big with the flowers in the middle of the street and then Charlotte jumps in and yells at him.  It's so intense and magical ... it almost makes me cry every time I see it

24 February 2009

Happy Fat Tuesday!

  • How am I celebrating?
  • I am planning on drinking a substantial amount of alcohol
  • Why?
  • I am giving up alcohol for Lent
  • ... my only obstacle/ temptation/ foreseeable problem is St. Patrick's Day
  • I am hoping my conscience will get the best of me and I'll have no problem remaining sober ...
  • but at the same time, being that I am Catholic ... I feel that I am entitled to drink it up on St. Patrick's Day
  • we'll just have to wait and see
  • as for today, cheers to us all!

23 February 2009

The good, the bad, the List

  • the good news: making the Blog Log in the Post Express!!
  • the List made last Tuesday's print edition
  • ... and the virtual version 
  • the bad news?
  • after referencing my Valentine's Day post:
  • "Lifeaslist.blogspot.com wasn't all that romantically involved over the holiday weekend."
  • geez, let's just shout it from the rooftops!
  • as if calling me calling myself pathetic wasn't bad enough
  • ... don't be fooled, I was ecstatic to be in the Post again, if it takes hanging out by myself every now and then ... well, I guess I can bear that burden

21 February 2009

This one time ...

  • within an 7 month period of time I:
  • quit drinking for 4 months
  • took a summer school class
  • visited Italy
  • tore my meniscus
  • sailed from VA to NC
  • saw Hilary Duff perform for the Today Show
  • spent a long weekend in New York

20 February 2009

19 February 2009

Snuggie the people you love with a Snuggie

  • about a week ago my sister and I got a Snuggie for our Gramma
  • ... apparently they are the cool thing to have if you're an old person
  • it turned out to be everything the commercials promised it would be
  • that is, an oversized backwards robe
  • I still don't get what the big deal is
  • people have survived quite a while before the blanket with arms came along
  • ... and now there are other knockoff wannabe Snuggies on the market
  • additionally, if you're bored head over to YouTube and search for snuggie
  • my favorite impostor Snuggie is the Slanket
  • just like the Snuggie, but cooler
  • and available in more colors than the boring ol' Snuggie
  • maybe if I get cold enough, and find myself to constrained by a blanket I'll consider getting a Slanket

16 February 2009

Hello, My Name is Pathetic

How did I, a perfectly single decent educated politically active funny straight-teethed non drug taking 26 year old gal, spend Valentine's Day?
  • alone
  • I watched movies, specifically romantic comedies on TV ALL day:
  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • The Perfect Man ... twice
  • The Princess Diaries ... twice
  • Bridget Jones
  • Cinderella Story
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  • Must Love Dogs

15 February 2009

Ol' Abe Wisdom

In honor of Abe's birthday ... facts about him according to Real Simple.
  • Favorite pet: his dog, Fido
  • Favorite poem: Mortality, by William Knox
  • Favorite dessert: white almond cake
  • Favorite sport: wrestling
  • Huh?: he kept letters, bills, and notes in his stovepipe hat

12 February 2009

Cold As Ice

  • it's no secret that I despise cold weather
  • but I do enjoy other things associated with 'cold' such as:
  • penguins
  • polar bears
  • ice cold beer
  • "Cold As Ice" by Foreigner
  • Blizzard Beach
  • snow days
  • ... I'm a sucker for anything that gets me out of school or work
  • Snow Day ... the movie
  • ice cream
  • most winter sports on the Wii
  • wearing fingerless mitts

10 February 2009


  • American Idol has not held my attention at all this season
  • I am really excited about the spring ... winter is lame
  • I have to force myself to go workout, but I love Under Armour
  • I used to really like my handwriting
  • now I tolerate it
  • if we have no form of interaction ... I see no reason/ value of leaving a generic 'happy b-day' message on my Facebook wall ... don't waste your time
  • 'shenanigans' is one of my favorite words
  • ... I am unable to spell in correctly on my own
  • not only do I wish money grew on trees, but I also wish I could find it drifting in streams, buried in sand, floating in light gusts of wind, and shooting out of water fountains

09 February 2009

Wait, it's 2009?

"Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that's no matter--tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms further... And one fine morning-- So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past." -FSF

Since the newness of the new year has worn off, and everyone has fallen back into their mundane routines ... I decided it would be a good time to reveal my to-do list for the year. With my pre-26 list, I accomplished about half the things on my list ... I also didn't take it as seriously as I should have either. This year, it'll be a different story:
  • give the List a facelift ... a major facelift
  • join gym
  • attend spin class on a regular basis
  • run in Shamrock 8k
  • take a yoga class
  • take train up to NJ & Boston
  • take my brother to see the sights around the National Mall
  • trek to Vegas in May
  • take my mom to see Bruce Springsteen in Charlottesville in May
  • go to movies alone
  • give up alcohol for Lent
  • rejoin the workers of the world
  • be on the lookout for the best job ever
  • knit more
  • read more
  • write more
  • read more books/ avoid the readers slump that I fell into during 2008
  • take advantage of my Smart Women Read Journal ... mark it up
  • give myself a haircut (?) ... I'm still unsure about this one; it could turn out really cool, or an absolute disaster ... my main motivation is that i don't wanna spend money on a haircut. decisions, decisions
  • purchase any of the following: Kindle, iPod Touch, or MacBook

07 February 2009

If I Ruled the World pt. 2

  • So, you want a stimulus package?
  • granted I'm not an expert on anything, but this is what I would do:
  • forgive federal student loans
  • of course they can add all sorts of stipulations
  • such as, you must have graduated, and only x amount of money can be forgiven - blah, blah, blah
  • ... do you have any idea how much money that would free up?
  • me neither, but a lot
  • a lot of money to be spent and stimulate the economy
  • ... plus, the govt would be rewarding/ investing in those that have done something worthwhile, i.e. gotten a college diploma, as opposed to having illegitimate children and relying on handouts from the government

05 February 2009


  • I have come to the conclusion that tomato juice & beer is the current day Plessy v. Ferguson
  • tomato juice and beer (separately) are 2 of my favorite beverages
  • somehow I had the brilliant idea to combine them
  • ... it was horrible
  • but, I tried to stick with it thinking maybe it would start to taste good
  • ... it only got worse
  • I think the flavors pretty much cancel each other out, and you're left with a bland fizzy red concoction
  • I now have difficulty envisioning them separate
  • and the thought of either of them makes me cringe a little

01 February 2009

Super Bowl Predictions

  • Steelers: Lose
  • Cardinals: Lose
  • Springsteen: Win
  • ... seriously though, since the Eagles are out, I hope the Steelers win by 100+ points