25 February 2009


  • I am so over winter it's not even funny
  • so, I still get Delia's catalogues in the mail ... I got one yesterday, and I pretty much want everything in it. At 26, I am having an identity crisis.
  • I really want this
  • ok fine, I watch NASCAR ... while I do like Carl Edwards, I am an "anyone but Kyle Busch" fan. He's such a prick.
  • my favorite Beatles song is Let It Be
  • likewise, my favorite Sesame Street song was Letter B
  • my absolute hands down, without a doubt, favorite part of the Sex and the City movie is when Carrie beats Big with the flowers in the middle of the street and then Charlotte jumps in and yells at him.  It's so intense and magical ... it almost makes me cry every time I see it

1 comment:

  1. Carl Edwards is my future husband. Only reason I watch :).