19 February 2009

Snuggie the people you love with a Snuggie

  • about a week ago my sister and I got a Snuggie for our Gramma
  • ... apparently they are the cool thing to have if you're an old person
  • it turned out to be everything the commercials promised it would be
  • that is, an oversized backwards robe
  • I still don't get what the big deal is
  • people have survived quite a while before the blanket with arms came along
  • ... and now there are other knockoff wannabe Snuggies on the market
  • additionally, if you're bored head over to YouTube and search for snuggie
  • my favorite impostor Snuggie is the Slanket
  • just like the Snuggie, but cooler
  • and available in more colors than the boring ol' Snuggie
  • maybe if I get cold enough, and find myself to constrained by a blanket I'll consider getting a Slanket

1 comment:

  1. the slanket is totally better than the snuggie. And not just because the snuggie is a poser of the slanket - i believe the slanket was around first! but you know also for the reasons you stated :)