05 February 2009


  • I have come to the conclusion that tomato juice & beer is the current day Plessy v. Ferguson
  • tomato juice and beer (separately) are 2 of my favorite beverages
  • somehow I had the brilliant idea to combine them
  • ... it was horrible
  • but, I tried to stick with it thinking maybe it would start to taste good
  • ... it only got worse
  • I think the flavors pretty much cancel each other out, and you're left with a bland fizzy red concoction
  • I now have difficulty envisioning them separate
  • and the thought of either of them makes me cringe a little

1 comment:

  1. When I went to Oklahoma, this was all I drank because the local yokels thought it was the greatest thing ever. 1/3 tomato juice, 2/3 beer -- right? I actually liked it, but I normally hate tomato juice.