14 March 2009

7-11 Revolution

The other day, CollegeGrad referenced 7-11 in his post. From there, I wandered over to the Fun Facts section of the 7-11 website.  

The 'industry firsts' section is the part I found most interesting. 7-11 was the first convenience store to:
  • operate 24 hours a day
  • sell fresh brewed coffee in to-go cups
  • have a self serve soda fountain
  • offer super sized fountain drinks
  • advertise on t.v. (in 1949!)
  • offer all major soft drink brands at the fountain
  • sell pre-paid phone cards
... and say what you want, nothing beats a 7-11 hot dog ... and Coke is the best flavored Slurpee.

1 comment:

  1. umm... Cherry Coke is definitely the best flavored slurpee. No doubt there. Love the hot dogs though.