16 March 2009

How I spent Saturday

  • I tagged along with my mom to DC on Friday because she had to go there for a conference
  • the plan was to drive up with her Friday and then catch the train home on Saturday
  • I decided to not get in contact with anyone I knew in the area, and spend Saturday completely alone (... my mom did not understand this at all)
  •  I think there is a fine line between being able to enjoy a day on your own, and being too comfortable being alone ... that is, turning into a feral person of sorts
  • anyway, how did I spend my day?
  • in the morning, I went with my mom to the Convention Center to help her finish setting up her display
  • then we had time for coffee/ tea before parting ways
  • I headed back to the Madison to pack up my things for the day, relax for a little while, and complete a Sudoku puzzle
  • after leaving the hotel I was going to walk, but was deterred by the drizzle and cold air, so I caught the metro to Union Station in order to go to the National Postal Museum
  • I loved the postal museum
  • ... I think it is one of the more humble Smithsonian museums, mainly because it is smaller and since it is not on the mall
  • from there, since I still had some time to kill, I decided to run over to the mall to see the newly re-opened American History Museum
  • I thought I had an idea about what I was getting myself into ... being that it was a rainy Saturday afternoon
  • but seriously?
  • once getting into the actual building I realized that there were lines (ridiculously long lines) on each floor for each wing
  • I couldn't get over it ... families being herded like cattle in order to see the dresses of the First Ladies
  • It was interesting to see. But at the same time, that must be such a horrible museum experience; being forced to march single file through a museum like ants carrying bread crumbs to the queen.
  • Yuck. Gag me.
  • so I bolted out of there ... by that time I just decided to head back to Union Station to eat and wait for my train
  • aside from a delay there were no huge mishaps getting back to good ol' Newport News
  • overall it was a good day

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