12 March 2009

Lessons learned at Lindsay's birthday party

  • riding the Pedicab totally beats walking
  • letting the guy who is collecting covers at the bar know that it's your birthday may lead to free admission
  • the kids I know in NoVA are rather cool, and I should stay in touch better
  • Lindsay has secret magician skills that I was unaware of until Saturday night
  • I have missed Noodles & Co. oh so much
  • apparently you have not drank beer until you've drank beer from a Sam Adams glass
  • the Sesame Street song, 12345...  has been stuck in my head for the past week
  • the author of the Twilight series is Mormon
  • the prices at Chipotle have increased
  • DC cabbies are still the sketchiest people ever
  • Lola is probably the coolest dog I have ever met


  1. The sam adams glasses are amazing, they make a huge difference

  2. Thats funny, I've been calling her "martha" since you left. Who's Lola?????