22 March 2009

New Challenges

  • today I purchased:
  • I have enjoyed Sudoku puzzles since before they were cool
  • but I have gotten out of the habit of doing the puzzles
  • thus, after sifting through the puzzle books at the bookstore today, and comparing such factors as: price v. amount of puzzles; variations of difficulty of puzzles; and cover art; I decided to get Boss Lady Sudoku
  • I have had puzzle books before, but I have never completed one cover to cover ... I usually bounce around, get stuck on puzzles --- start a new one, get bored with book, lose book ... whatever
  • I want this one to be different ... I want to conquer all 124 puzzles
  • and I want to complete the book as quickly as possible
  • ... let the number filling in begin :)

1 comment:

  1. I love filling in numbers! Good luck. That's a lot of puzzles.