26 March 2009

Throw it out

The most recent issue of Real Simple mentioned the book, Throw Out Fifty Things. I got excited thinking that it would be a list of 50 specific things to get rid of in order to de-clutter your life and de-clutter your mind. It would be like a scavenger hunt. Not exactly ... the book serves more so as a guide with suggestions. Things to get rid of include:
  1. decorative pillows
  2. old work clothes
  3. shoes
  4. expired medications
  5. old makeup
  6. nail polish
  7. ugly lipstick
  8. magazines
  9. old spices
  10. the 'junk drawer'
  11. banged up pans
  12. nearly empty jars in the fridge
  13. books
  14. records
  15. burned down candles
  16. old napkins [I'm assuming cloth]
  17. place mats
  18. ugly dishes
  19. plates
  20. chandeliers
  21. mirrors
  22. folding chairs
  23. unused headboards
  24. old rugs
  25. unused toaster oven
  26. children's games
  27. blackboard
  28. toy piano
  29. guitar
  30. wallpaper
  31. wicker baskets
  32. clay pots
  33. old paint
  34. plant fertilizer
  35. wicker chest
  36. business guru books
  37. old presentation materials
  38. old manuscripts that have been digitized
  39. old documents
  40. mementos ... tote bags, folders, key chains
  41. fear of the future
  42. comparing yourself with others
  43. the person you think you aren't
  44. regrets and mistakes
  45. being right about how wrong everyone else is
  46. the need to have everyone like you
  47. thinking the worst
  48. waiting for the right moment
  49. needing to feel secure
  50. the feeling that you have to do everything for yourself
While the book is not what I expected ... it didn't seem horrible. It included ideas about how to donate/ recycle, and suggestions about resources for the disposal of hazardous materials. There is also a built in score sheet at the end of each chapter to help you track your progress. So, would I purchase the book? I would probably buy the paperback version if it was on sale.

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