22 April 2009

The Runaround

  • I don't know what has gotten into me ... but I must have had a breakdown at some point, become delusional, and mistakenly believed that I am an 'active' person
  • I decided to do 100 Push Ups which I discovered via LifeInPink's Twitter page
  • then, next month on back to back days I am doing the
  • Filthy 5k Mud Run
  • Lytle Law 5k
  • I also want a good excuse to buy these
  • and today I received my Runner's World Training Log in the mail
  • ... believe me, my fat, lazy, beer drinking, lounging around self is crying on the inside

1 comment:

  1. Are you really doing the hundred pushup challenge?! I am too!!!! You can follow my endeavor on my gym blog :) http://gymratconfidential.wordpress.com.

    I wonder if the other girl is a part of the #100pushup crew with me on twitter...