14 May 2009

Confessions - Grey's Anatomy

  • Tonight is the season finale of Grey's Anatomy
  • Grey's is my guilty pleasure
  • I completely understand how fake it is, especially the fact that the overwhelming majority of the doctors are good looking ... do hospitals like that really exist?
  • nonetheless I have kept up with the show since it started
  • this season has been especially good
  • I think it has some of the best narratives on t.v.
  • the music featured on the show is also amazingly good ... who had heard of The Fray or Get Set Go (you probably still haven't heard of Get Set Go, but you'd recognize their music from the show) before Grey's?
  • Did you watch last weeks episode?
  • ... I did not get a chance to watch it until today ... as per usual it did not fail to deliver
  • These are the scenes that got me teary eyed:
  • when Alex was talking to the lone survivor of the car crash ... and she recited her speech
  • when Izzie realized the wedding dress was for her
  • when Izzie told Christina she was the maid of honor because she tried to save her life and that was an honorable thing to do
  • ... and pretty much throughout the entire wedding scene, but especially when Alex was talking.
  • I have mixed feelings about tonight's show ... I doubt Izzie will bounce back with her tumor magically disappearing, and then everyone vacation in Hawaii together to celebrate 
  • ... but I can hope

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