07 May 2009

Poor men wanna be rich, rich men wanna be king

Last August I went to see Bruce Springsteen in Richmond, VA with my mom; Tuesday night we saw him in Charlottesville, VA.
  • I once again had a wonderful time
  • First of all, we stayed at The English Inn:
  • It looks exactly like the faux town that the Big Bad Wolf zips through.
  • Anyway, the concert:
  • it was very different from last year in Richmond
  • not bad, just different
  • the sound quality was 100x better, which was a pleasant surprise
  • like last August, I was forced to tune out Bruce's liberal propaganda ... I have to remind myself that nobody's perfect.
  • song highlights included:
  • Badlands, Adam Raised A Cain, Kingdom of Days, Born to Run, Thunder Road
  • ... and 2 songs that if you're not familiar with Springsteen you have probably never heard of: Spirit In the Night & Tenth Avenue Freeze Out. Listening to the album version of these 2 especially, do not do them justice ... it's an entirely different experience to hear (and see them performed) live.
  • it's amazing what they do on stage 
  • they play good music,
  • the energy they emit is amazing, (... especially if you factor in their ages)
  • there was plenty of fist pumping, clapping, hand waving, and screaming from the crowd ...
  • the die hard fans are an entity in their own right.
  • I can only imagine how crazy/ amazing they must have been during their 'glory days'
  • not a bad way to spend a Tuesday evening

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