13 May 2009

To Vegas and Beyond

  • This past weekend I headed to Las Vegas with some pals; it was similar to the trek I made there 2 years ago
  • on the flights I got to watch Yes Man and Marley & Me ... I enjoyed them both
  • ... I don't enjoy flying
  • but I survived
  • the weather there was amazing ... in the 90's and sunny
  • Friday night I went to see the Dave Matthews concert at MGM
  • Saturday night I was able to get in to see the encore
  • Vegas is interesting to me because of the people that are there
  • you definitely cannot beat the people watching opportunities ... I have never seen a more interesting array of class mixed with trash ... mixed with lots of Mexicans passing out cards for prostitutes
  • aside from the inevitable mass amounts of walking that are required to get around the strip (and the air travel) I would say the trip was a complete success, and a nice break from the monotony of VA

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