29 June 2009

Sweet Summertime

  • Had a wonderful summer weekend that included:
  • Kenny Chesney concert
  • playing in a dodgeball tournament
  • going to the Indy Car Race in Richmond
  • brunch at Marker 20
  • ... I'm headed to summer camp next week, so this week is the last week of shenanigans for a while

26 June 2009

No List Friday

Oh Michael, Free Willy will never be the same ...

25 June 2009

Seriously Newport News?

  • I was trying to access the online catalog for the library
  • then I stumbled upon the Summer Youth Employment Program
  • you know, just your basic summer library job for kids who are 16-24
  • ... but then I realized you had to qualify by being one (or more) of the following:
  • behind in school credits
  • behind in grade level
  • basic skill deficient
  • juvenile offender
  • pregnant or parenting
  • school dropout
  • homeless, runaway, or foster child
  • ha!
  • Are these kids really competent to be working at a library (of all places)?
  • ... and, are these the type of kids you really want working for you?

24 June 2009

Dear DC,

I was taken aback by the DC Metro crash earlier this week.

Due to my time spent in living Fairfax, as well as working and drinking downtown I have:
  • ridden,
  • spent bunches and bunches of money in order to ride,
  • battled rush hour crowds,
  • bitched about train delays,
  • bitched about the crowds on the platforms,
  • bitched about the crowds on the trains,
  • bitched about smelly homeless people on the trains,
  • bitched about the tourists who ride at rush hour in the summer,
  • dealt with the fact that iPods/ cell phones destroy SmartTrip cards,
  • scowled at obnoxious drunk people,
  • and been an obnoxious drunk person,
  • on the Metro too many times to count.
Nonetheless, the Metro enabled me to be able to venture to almost all corners of DC. So even though I am currently out of the realm of the mass transit system ... my thoughts and prayers have wandered that way this week.

23 June 2009

Confessions - The Bachelorette

  • Where can you find me Monday nights?
  • well ... I'll admit it: I've been watching the Bachelorette
  • I have never watched the Bachelor or the Bachelorette ... so it is something new for me
  • I think it is interesting because it just seems faker than most other reality shows ... it all just seems very staged/ set up, and it seems like everyone is there for reasons other than, "to find love."
  • Anyway, the more the show goes on, the more I think Jillian is utterly dumb and deserves to be with Wes
  • I mean, who can't see through his bs?

19 June 2009

No List Friday

Proof that Richmond, VA is not all abandoned buildings and homeless people:

18 June 2009

Confessions - I Am a Nerd Edition

  • I envy crossword puzzle doers ... my poor spelling skills + sub par vocabulary = not crossword friendly
  • Jeopardy is the -ish
  • Chess is dumb
  • however, I like Mancala
  • I have a pocket sized copy of the U.S. Constitution that I got my senior year of high school; I still carry it with me most of the time.
  • I judge [book] covers
  • I judge [you] based on the book I see you with

17 June 2009

Look It Up

Last week, via [F]oxymoron's Twitter ... I stumbled upon the 50 most frequently looked up words on NYtimes.com. Clearly, NY Times is not your typical local paper ... here are the Top 10 words:
  • sui generis
  • solipsistic
  • louche
  • laconic
  • saturnine
  • antediluvian
  • epistemological
  • shibboleths
  • penury
  • sumptuary
Check out the rest here.

12 June 2009

No List Friday

In the pilot's seat; I love this time of year ... it's the best for evening bike rides with my brother:

11 June 2009

No Doubt-a-licious

  • The hip nonconforming punk rock teenager that I claim to once be would have been proud of me.
  • I went and saw No Doubt last night.
  • This is how it started:
  • - Liz (me): don't laugh at me, but, I-really-wanna-go-to-the-No-Doubt-concert
  • - Lindsay: Me too!
  • ... so we got tickets, (for $14.00!) and went to the show.
  • First of all, when we got there we accidentally ended up in the 'premiere parking' section ... which, if you did not assume, is in the very front, and costs $20.00 to put your car there.
  • We were there for free which was nice to park in the front ... and when we left we got suck in absolutely no traffic ... a first for me.
  • Anyway, I loved the show
  • Gwen Stefani is the -ish
  • She ran around, and jumped around, and spun in circles, and did push ups (!) ... real push ups.
  • I was amazed at how many people were there
  • I believe it is a testament to the quality of a band that their last studio album came out in 2001 ... and they are still able to fill an amphitheatre to capacity.
  • The show was full of energy, and the amazing songs that built the foundation of their greatness.

10 June 2009

Forget about the triple word scores ...

  • I just got the Scrabble Slam game
  • I am the black sheep in a family of devout Scrabble players
  • I also joke that there is too much thinking required by Scrabble to consider it a 'game.'
  • Luckily, the people over at Hasbro have developed a Scrabble game for 'my' people in the form of Slam.
  • I really like it because:
  • it's quick ... you jut play through the deck, and then the game it over
  • there's no point counting
  • you don't have to wait your turn - everyman for himself
  • it's fun
  • ... and challenging at times ... puts that brain of yours to work.
  • I also like playing it because I believe it's one of the few games that kids could play as well as people tall enough to ride roller coasters.
  • So, if you're like me:
  • impulsive
  • short attention span
  • me-di-o-cre spelling skills
  • frugal (Slam is $5.00)
  • ... you'll probably enjoy it, too.

07 June 2009

Yeah, I'm A Baller

Forbes recently released the World's Most Powerful Celebrities ... yeah, it's pretty ridiculous. Here are the Top 10:
  1. Angelina Jolie
  2. Oprah Winfrey
  3. Madonna
  4. Beyonce
  5. Tiger Woods
  6. Bruce Springsteen
  7. Steven Spielberg
  8. Jennifer Aniston
  9. Brad Pitt
  10. Kobe Bryant
Check out the rest here.

06 June 2009

Schlotzsky's = FAIL

  • For some reason, this past week the joke has been on me ... nothing has gone my way
  • Thursday all I wanted for lunch was a roast beef & cheese sandwich from Schlotzsky's
  • but I didn't want to spend money ... I dealt with the internal conflict, and decided to go and buy lunch
  • So I went to Schlotzsky's and payed $5.79 for a roast beef & cheese
  • When I got home my sister asked what I picked up for lunch ... I started rambling about:
  • - how much I like Schlotzsky's sandwich's
  • - that the last time I ate there was about a month ago
  • - and ever since then I have been craving it.
  • .... I was talking as I was unwrapping my sandwich ... and then there was silence when I realized I was not looking down at a roast beef & cheese
  • I unwrapped some sort of wrap
  • yuck
  • it was basically salad, a few pieces of chicken, dressing, rolled up in a soft taco
  • ... like I said, jokes on me
  • so I ate it
  • it was like punishment food
  • AND whatever mystery dressing was on it made my mouth tingle ... and by 'tingle' I mean burn uncontrollably ... and my eyes water ... and my nose run
  • it was not a fun experience
  • ... nor was it the delightful lunch that I had planned on consuming

05 June 2009

No List Friday

Recently my sister purchased a Pet Camera for the family cat, McNabb. You simply clip the cam to his collar, and then it snaps a picture every 5 minutes.  I was very surprised with the quality of the pictures.  As a result of the footage ... it's clear the McNabb is a chronic napper ... below is a picture of him in the grass; I thought it was adorable because you can see his lil' paws stretched out.

04 June 2009

The Man in the Cowboy Hard Hat

  • there is currently a road being widened near my parents house, so there seems to be construction workers out n' about constantly
  • a few months ago, the UPS man asked my brother if he has seen the guy who wears a cowboy had hat ... as opposed to your typical hard hat that construction workers wear
  • ... ever since that conversation we have been [seemingly] keeping our eyes peeled when driving past the workers trying to spot a guy in a cowboy hard hat
  • I never saw this guy that was supposedly out working in a hard hat disguised as a cowboy hat
  • ... I was beginning to think that it was all made up
  • I even looked it up online to see is such a thing existed
  • ... then, one day about a week ago I was on my way to get something for lunch when I saw him ... seriously, it had become so built up, it was like spotting Santa Claus
  • I believe I also almost hit him with my car
  • ... good thing he was wearing his cowboy hard hat

03 June 2009

Free Stuff Wednesday