24 June 2009

Dear DC,

I was taken aback by the DC Metro crash earlier this week.

Due to my time spent in living Fairfax, as well as working and drinking downtown I have:
  • ridden,
  • spent bunches and bunches of money in order to ride,
  • battled rush hour crowds,
  • bitched about train delays,
  • bitched about the crowds on the platforms,
  • bitched about the crowds on the trains,
  • bitched about smelly homeless people on the trains,
  • bitched about the tourists who ride at rush hour in the summer,
  • dealt with the fact that iPods/ cell phones destroy SmartTrip cards,
  • scowled at obnoxious drunk people,
  • and been an obnoxious drunk person,
  • on the Metro too many times to count.
Nonetheless, the Metro enabled me to be able to venture to almost all corners of DC. So even though I am currently out of the realm of the mass transit system ... my thoughts and prayers have wandered that way this week.

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