10 June 2009

Forget about the triple word scores ...

  • I just got the Scrabble Slam game
  • I am the black sheep in a family of devout Scrabble players
  • I also joke that there is too much thinking required by Scrabble to consider it a 'game.'
  • Luckily, the people over at Hasbro have developed a Scrabble game for 'my' people in the form of Slam.
  • I really like it because:
  • it's quick ... you jut play through the deck, and then the game it over
  • there's no point counting
  • you don't have to wait your turn - everyman for himself
  • it's fun
  • ... and challenging at times ... puts that brain of yours to work.
  • I also like playing it because I believe it's one of the few games that kids could play as well as people tall enough to ride roller coasters.
  • So, if you're like me:
  • impulsive
  • short attention span
  • me-di-o-cre spelling skills
  • frugal (Slam is $5.00)
  • ... you'll probably enjoy it, too.

1 comment:

  1. My wife and I like scrabble. We have played about 3,000 games on the computer. We will have to check
    " Slam "out. I like list. I like Jeopardy, Trivial pursuit.
    I like to write humorous blogs. Check mine out.