04 June 2009

The Man in the Cowboy Hard Hat

  • there is currently a road being widened near my parents house, so there seems to be construction workers out n' about constantly
  • a few months ago, the UPS man asked my brother if he has seen the guy who wears a cowboy had hat ... as opposed to your typical hard hat that construction workers wear
  • ... ever since that conversation we have been [seemingly] keeping our eyes peeled when driving past the workers trying to spot a guy in a cowboy hard hat
  • I never saw this guy that was supposedly out working in a hard hat disguised as a cowboy hat
  • ... I was beginning to think that it was all made up
  • I even looked it up online to see is such a thing existed
  • ... then, one day about a week ago I was on my way to get something for lunch when I saw him ... seriously, it had become so built up, it was like spotting Santa Claus
  • I believe I also almost hit him with my car
  • ... good thing he was wearing his cowboy hard hat

1 comment:

  1. Oh my god, really?
    Who does this guy think he is? haha