06 June 2009

Schlotzsky's = FAIL

  • For some reason, this past week the joke has been on me ... nothing has gone my way
  • Thursday all I wanted for lunch was a roast beef & cheese sandwich from Schlotzsky's
  • but I didn't want to spend money ... I dealt with the internal conflict, and decided to go and buy lunch
  • So I went to Schlotzsky's and payed $5.79 for a roast beef & cheese
  • When I got home my sister asked what I picked up for lunch ... I started rambling about:
  • - how much I like Schlotzsky's sandwich's
  • - that the last time I ate there was about a month ago
  • - and ever since then I have been craving it.
  • .... I was talking as I was unwrapping my sandwich ... and then there was silence when I realized I was not looking down at a roast beef & cheese
  • I unwrapped some sort of wrap
  • yuck
  • it was basically salad, a few pieces of chicken, dressing, rolled up in a soft taco
  • ... like I said, jokes on me
  • so I ate it
  • it was like punishment food
  • AND whatever mystery dressing was on it made my mouth tingle ... and by 'tingle' I mean burn uncontrollably ... and my eyes water ... and my nose run
  • it was not a fun experience
  • ... nor was it the delightful lunch that I had planned on consuming

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