02 July 2009

A Farwell to Freedom

  • So this weekend I am heading to summer camp
  • ... to work.
  • back when I was in college I worked summer camp ... and now that I am happily unemployed/ retired I have no real excuse not to go
  • but my attitude right now?
  • ugh
  • I am like a pouty kid being shipped away for the summer
  • there are pros such as:
  • a paycheck
  • being out of my parents house for 2 weeks
  • a paycheck
  • being away from t.v. and computer
  • as well as negatives:
  • being surrounded by teenagers with raging hormones
  • having to deal with campers' shenanigans
  • having to work
  • not getting as much sleep as I'm used to
  • basically being held captive for the better part of July
  • actually having to camp
  • not being able to consume alcohol for the duration of camp
  • ... and, of course I am completely unprepared ... I have not even thought about packing and I have to go shopping tomorrow for: bandaids, hair bands, batteries, sunscreen, bug spray, flying insect spray, and anti-itch spray in case the biting critters make it to my flesh

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