21 July 2009

Welcome Back

  • Whoop, whoop ... I am back.
  • However, karma is a bitch.
  • Remember when I was really bummed about having to go to summer camp?
  • Well, fast forward 2 weeks, and I am completely bummed that camp is over.
  • I have been in such a slump it isn't even funny.
  • How did I spend my first night back from camp?
  • ... well, while my friends were drinking and having fun ... I sat in a corner eating macaroni & cheese, drinking beer, and sulking about not having any campers to boss around.
  • ... and by 'boss around' I mean, 'have lots of fun with and genuinely enjoy their company'
  • this was the third time I have done camp ... and without a doubt, this was the best group of kids that I have had.
  • They were really too good to be true; throughout the duration of camp, I kept waiting for everything to come crashing down and for them to reveal their true demon-esque selves, but that never happened.
  • While I know there is a market for drug trafficking, maybe I can tap into a market for smuggling my campers that I liked back into the U.S.

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