29 August 2009

Take a look, it's in a book ...

  • after 26 years, Reading Rainbow is being canceled!
  • seriously
  • while there have not been any new shows since 2006 ... PBS has been running reruns since then ... until now.
  • I loved watching Reading Rainbow as a kid
  • Who didn't?
  • ... and I always wanted to be one of the kids at the end of the show that gave a review/ suggested a book.
  • it just looked so cool to do.
  • anyway, I find it quite disenchanting that the show is being taken off the air.
  • Who's going to pick up the slack and make reading look cool if LeVar isn't around?

25 August 2009

iTunes, You're making me broke!

  • While I have had my trusty iPod for years now, I have never been a believer in purchasing music from iTunes
  • ... until recently, as in the past few months.
  • since then, I have purchased:
  • O.A.R. - All Sides
  • Kings of Leon - Only By the Night
  • Michael Jackson - Number Ones
  • MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
  • Third Eye Blind - Ursa Major
  • ... while I am happy with the new tunes ... my bank account is not happy with me

24 August 2009

New York, NY

My mom and sister just got back from visiting New York, and they brought me little gifts! What a surprise, I feel like a little kid ... and a little nerd, because I am so excited that I got:
  • a Project Runway poster (! :D) ... which they picked up at the Regis & Kelly show because Tim Gunn was a guest on the day they were there
  • 'Great Lines from Great Movies' Knowledge Cards (produced by Library of Congress!)
  • Benefit Lip Balm ... it may not be my usual Bert's Bees, but I'm a sucker for Benefit makeup
  • ... oh, and an, 'I Love Obama' postcard ... because we all know how much I love the Pres.

23 August 2009

Thanks, Bill

  • Dear Hurricane Bill,
  • first of all, 'Bill' is pretty much the least intimidating hurricane name I can imagine.
  • How bad can you be?
  • Anyway, I would just like to thank you for Friday afternoon.
  • The waves at VA Beach were the biggest I have ever seen there,
  • the current was strong and awesome,
  • and the water was cool, but not too cool,
  • it complimented the ridiculously hot air temperatures nicely.
  • Oh, and I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed lunch & brews on the beach,
  • and getting to spend the day with ol' pals.
  • I do not believe there's much else that could have made Friday any better.
  • Thanks again
  • ... and play nice once you hit land.

22 August 2009

Thank You, Trivia Night

Last week I was at a bar that had 'trivia night' ... as a result I was enlightened to the facts that:
  • there are 8 triple word scores on a Scrabble board
  • there are 4 horses on a polo team
  • Arizona was the 3rd to last state admitted to the Union

18 August 2009

Long Live August

While I have been utterly neglecting my blog, I have not been neglecting August ... the past few weeks have been filled with:
  • reading
  • running
  • family reunion on the Eastern Shore
  • Nags Head
  • beer pong
  • cook outs
  • parties
  • kayaking
  • DMB concert

17 August 2009


Love summer... Love these stamps:

Remember me? I know it has been a while, but stay tuned ... the List shall return, with a vengeance.