23 August 2009

Thanks, Bill

  • Dear Hurricane Bill,
  • first of all, 'Bill' is pretty much the least intimidating hurricane name I can imagine.
  • How bad can you be?
  • Anyway, I would just like to thank you for Friday afternoon.
  • The waves at VA Beach were the biggest I have ever seen there,
  • the current was strong and awesome,
  • and the water was cool, but not too cool,
  • it complimented the ridiculously hot air temperatures nicely.
  • Oh, and I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed lunch & brews on the beach,
  • and getting to spend the day with ol' pals.
  • I do not believe there's much else that could have made Friday any better.
  • Thanks again
  • ... and play nice once you hit land.

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