30 September 2009

The most wild thing of all

  • I am amazed at all the attention Where the Wild Things Are is attracting:
  • the trailer on YouTube has nearly 2 million views
  • you can listen to the soundtrack here
  • it even made the Stuff White People Like list
  • Not to sound too cool for school, but I liked the book long before there was any mention of a movie version
  • ... and now it seems as if people are picking sides: either you're a die-hard fan, or you're a die-hard hater
  • I fall somewhere in the middle ... I just hope the movie is able to live up to all the hype surrounding it

29 September 2009

T.V. is the Devil

This past week I got sucked into watching the premiere's of the following shows. I enjoyed them all, and was really impressed with FlashForward.

28 September 2009

Songs you should know

Go and discover music that you don't necessarily hear on the radio:
  • There's Hope for You - William Elliott Whitmore
  • Seven Mile Island - Jason Isbell
  • Miracle Sun - Anthony Green
  • The Expert - The Champion And His Burning Flame
  • Furr - Blitzen Trapper
  • Bag of Hammers - Thao

27 September 2009

10 Worst Presidents

According to U.S. News the 10 Worst Presidents are:
  1. James Buchanan
  2. Warren Harding
  3. Andrew Johnson
  4. Franklin Pierce
  5. Millard Fillmore
  6. John Tyler
  7. Ulysses Grant
  8. William Henry Harrison
  9. (tie) Herbert Hoover & Richard Nixon
  10. Zachary Taylor

23 September 2009


  • I like [brackets] > (parentheses)
  • I have a crush on Jason Bateman
  • I really like the T-Mobile (that features the Cat Stevens song) commercial
  • I have made fun of the Twilight books/ movies more than anyone I know, but I'll admit it: the previews for New Moon make the movie look really good
  • I pretty much want everything from the new J.Crew catalog
  • I really can't stand Pearly Jam, but I really like 'The Fixer'

22 September 2009

Good things about Autumn

Welcome, Fall 2009, nice to meet you:
  • best/ most enjoyable time of the year to run ... it is a relief to not feel like I am going to sweat to death will out jogging
  • getting to wear long sleeves with skirts
  • pumpkin beer
  • hoodie weather
  • ... still windows down weather while driving weather
  • tv premiers ... and by that I mean, the Grey's Anatomy premier (!)
  • and lastly, the list of potential adventures on the horizon:
  • trip to Tennessee
  • beer festival
  • Oktoberfest dinner
  • pumpkin carving party
  • Halloween party

21 September 2009

Summer Is Dead

It is official, today is the last day of summer. Ugh. Although it feels like summer ends with the conclusion of August/ Labor Day ... today is the official end. And there are other signs that summer is dead:
  • it is considerably cooler outside
  • ... my ears even got cold when I was riding my bike the other night
  • ... and I've found myself in the occasional hoodie recently
  • it is dark, completely dark, by 8.00pm
  • it doesn't smell like summer outside anymore
  • none of the books I am currently reading have grains of sand embedded in the spine
  • Busch Gardens is closed
  • so are the pools
  • my bathing suit has not seen the warm summer sunshine in roughly 3 weeks
  • my tan is rapidly fading

20 September 2009

Beer Crushes

For better or worse, I judge my beers like I judge my books ... by the cover, or label. Additionally, aside from my love-fest with Miller High Life, I typically opt for wheat beers. Recently I have tried (and enjoyed) the following:

19 September 2009

Send me on my way

  • my mom calls me a book snob
  • ... I just think that I enjoy books
  • ... and reading
  • ... and reading outside
  • specifically:
  • at the beach
  • at the Lion's Bridge
  • at the fountains at City Center
  • ... nothing beats getting to read outside on a warm sunny day

18 September 2009

No List Friday

... because apparently posting more than once a week is too daunting a task right now. Feral kitten down by the river:

08 September 2009

Farewell, Big Bad Wolf

  • If you grew up in Virginia, most likely you're quite familiar with Busch Gardens
  • additionally, if that's the case, the Big Bad Wolf was probably the first 'real' coaster you rode on
  • ... and it was the world's first suspended roller coaster according to Busch
  • this was the 25th year of the BBW ... and it turned out to be it's last
  • yesterday was the final day of rides for the Big Bad Wolf
  • supposedly, it is being closed due to the fact that the company who builds replacement parts for the coaster has gone out of business.
  • I was at the park yesterday (... in between rain storms)
  • when we walked past the BBW there were no ribbons, no signs, no caution tape wrapped around the railings
  • it just looked like a typical day, aside from the fact that the line there was slightly longer than usual
  • in a way I found it a fitting way to go; the BBW is the most humble of the coasters at the park ... it cannot compete with the crazy flips and turns and massive drops of the newer coasters.
  • nonetheless, the Big Bad Wolf has been there for the past 25 years, ready to transport riders through a European village and zip down the drop overlooking the river

07 September 2009

Labor Day Tidbits

  • So, it's Labor Day ... but what is Labor Day?
  • first of all, it's always the first Monday in September
  • secondly, according to USA.gov Labor Day: "celebrates the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of America"
  • does anyone else find this ironic with the state of affairs today?

04 September 2009

No List Friday

I may be out of college, but I still enjoy High Life ... plus who doesn't enjoy vintage ads?