08 September 2009

Farewell, Big Bad Wolf

  • If you grew up in Virginia, most likely you're quite familiar with Busch Gardens
  • additionally, if that's the case, the Big Bad Wolf was probably the first 'real' coaster you rode on
  • ... and it was the world's first suspended roller coaster according to Busch
  • this was the 25th year of the BBW ... and it turned out to be it's last
  • yesterday was the final day of rides for the Big Bad Wolf
  • supposedly, it is being closed due to the fact that the company who builds replacement parts for the coaster has gone out of business.
  • I was at the park yesterday (... in between rain storms)
  • when we walked past the BBW there were no ribbons, no signs, no caution tape wrapped around the railings
  • it just looked like a typical day, aside from the fact that the line there was slightly longer than usual
  • in a way I found it a fitting way to go; the BBW is the most humble of the coasters at the park ... it cannot compete with the crazy flips and turns and massive drops of the newer coasters.
  • nonetheless, the Big Bad Wolf has been there for the past 25 years, ready to transport riders through a European village and zip down the drop overlooking the river

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