31 October 2009

Trivia Saturday

What are the 7 Deadly Sins?
  • Lust
  • Gluttony
  • Greed
  • Sloth
  • Wrath
  • Envy
  • Pride

29 October 2009

Here fishy fishy ...

I guess this is a dual post of sorts; I have big news. I am sailing down to Florida with the EYE of the World boys next week, so I will be out at sea for November. (More to come on that later.) That got me thinking about movies/ tv shows that revolve around boats/ water ... and all of a sudden I realized that they are all about destruction and disaster ... not one scenario falls into the category of upbeat and happy:

  • Jaws
  • The Perfect Storm
  • White Squall
  • Titanic
  • Discovery Channel's Shark Week
  • Gilligan's Island
  • heck, even Finding Nemo had its fair share of drama
  • ... plus have you heard about the giant real life shark in Australia who is eating other sharks? I'm serious ...

28 October 2009


  • My birthday is in a couple weeks
  • I believe there is nothing that I really need
  • ... but there are plenty of things that I want:
  • pocket dictionary
  • pocket thesaurus
  • 2010 planner
  • Sanuks!
  • this bag
  • this sweater
  • book lamp
  • Moleskine mini-notebooks
  • money, money, money
  • iPod Nano
  • MacBook

27 October 2009

Back to VA

  • got back to VA yesterday afternoon
  • I believe a fun time was had by all during the excursion to Knoxville, TN.
  • shenanigans included:
  • cookies in the car
  • live music
  • restaurants
  • bars
  • celebrating LP's birthday
  • Scrabble Slam
  • dancing
  • Super Nintendo
  • Knoxville Brewers' Jam
  • a trek to the Mecca of used bookstores
  • visiting the Smokey Mountains
  • ... which also included riding the ski lift to to one of the peaks
  • good times with good friends
  • ... oh, and who could forget 'sideways guns'

24 October 2009

Trivia Saturday

Who are the 6 Brady Bunch kids?

  • Greg
  • Marcia
  • Peter
  • Jan
  • Bobby
  • Cindy

23 October 2009

19 October 2009

This is a true story

Call me naive (or Carrie Bradshaw), but I don't back up files, and I had no idea that the 'blue screen of death' existed. That is, until it visited my computer Thursday night.

And by 'my computer' I mean:
  • the Sony Vaio that my parents gave me as an early graduation gift from G.Mason in the fall of 2006
  • the computer that trekked all over NOVA and DC with me, and then followed me back to Newport News, VA
  • the computer that introduced me to Facebook, Shelfari, Blip.fm, and Twitter
  • the computer that has enabled the List
  • the computer that contained bunches of files,
  • over 1000 pictures,
  • and over 3000 songs on iTunes

But life goes on. I keep reminding myself that this is an adventure of sorts, a liberation, a clean slate, a chance to start over, and it is a time to move on ... I'm getting a MacBook next week.

18 October 2009

Terrible, Horrible, No Good ...

Along with Where the Wild Things are, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day was one of my favorite books when I was a kid. At the time, Alexander's misfortune seemed more entertaining than anything, but now as a quasi-adult, with bills, student loans, and the hassles of being a grown-up in general, I believe everyone can relate to Alexander, and everything that went wrong during his bad day:
  • he woke up with gum in his hair
  • he tripped on his skateboard getting out of bed
  • he dropped his sweater in the sink
  • at breakfast, his cereal box did not have a prize in it
  • on the way to school, he didn't get a window seat in the car
  • at school his teacher didn't like his drawing of an invisible castle
  • he was criticized for singing too loud
  • he forgot '16' while counting
  • his friend Paul reduces Alexander to being his 3rd best friend
  • there is no dessert in his lunch
  • at the dentist, he finds out he has a cavity
  • the elevator door shuts on his foot
  • his brother pushes him in the mud
  • he gets called a crybaby
  • the shoe store doesn't have the shoes he wants
  • he gets in trouble for making a mess at his dad's office
  • he has to eat lima beans at dinner
  • his bath is too hot
  • he gets soap in his eyes
  • he has to wear the pajamas that he hates
  • his nightlight burns out
  • he bites his tongue
  • his brother steals his pillow
  • and the family cat refuses to sleep with him

... we've all been there.

17 October 2009

Introducing: Trivia Saturday

What are the 5 Oceans of the world?

  • Atlantic
  • Pacific
  • Indian
  • Arctic
  • Southern

16 October 2009

13 October 2009

Workin' for the man

According to CNN Money the top jobs in America include:
  1. Systems Engineer
  2. Physician Assistant
  3. College Professor
  4. Nurse Practitioner
  5. IT Project Manager
  6. Certified Public Accountant
  7. Physical Therapist
  8. Network Security Consultant
  9. Intelligence Analyst
  10. Sales Director
Check out the rest of the top 50 jobs here.

12 October 2009

Tis the Season

  • Fact: I love all things pumpkin:
  • Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • pumpkin beer
  • pumpkin bread
  • pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
  • pumpkin cream cheese cupcakes
  • carving pumpkins
  • pumpkin pancakes
  • the smell of pumpkin candles
  • ... even pumpkin ice cream
  • heck, I even like that they are orange

11 October 2009

Speak like a military-ian

Do you know the military alphabet?
  • A - Alpha
  • B - Bravo
  • C - Charlie
  • D - Delta
  • E - Echo
  • F - Foxtrot
  • G - Golf
  • H - Hotel
  • I - India
  • J - Juliet
  • K - Kilo
  • L - Lima
  • M - Mike
  • N - November
  • O - Oscar
  • P - Papa
  • Q - Quebec
  • R - Romeo
  • S - Sierra
  • T - Tango
  • U - Uniform
  • V - Victor
  • W - Whiskey
  • X - X-ray
  • Y - Yankee
  • Z - Zulu

10 October 2009

Lottery Insight

  • Every now and then I will buy a Mega Millions ticket
  • I don't have special numbers or anything, I just get an easy pick ticket ... if it's meant to be it's meant to be.
  • I don't know about you, but there is something romantic about hugging one of those huge checks that happens to be with millions of dollars
  • ... I hope to be one of those people one day.
  • However, today I was checking tickets that I have collected throughout most of the summer, and realized that I am an utter failure so far in my quest for the big bucks.
  • whatever you do, don't play these numbers:
  • 10 17 22 31 29 46
  • 06 10 30 40 54 45
  • 01 05 10 12 39 13
  • 13 23 31 42 48 06
  • 06 24 29 34 52 09
  • 06 09 18 22 43 28

09 October 2009

08 October 2009

Book Bingeing

  • I typically read more than one book at a time
  • currently I am burning through:
  • Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin,
  • The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner, and
  • The Sun Also Rises by (duh) E.Hemingway.
  • strange?
  • I compare it to t.v ... you typically can keep up with more than 1 show without being confused, so why not do the same with books?

01 October 2009

National Parks vs. Pop Culture

National Parks
  • this week I have been tuning into The National Parks: America's Best Idea
  • ... it continues tonight & concludes tomorrow night on PBS
  • while I am a self proclaimed history nerd, I really believe that this documentary is excellent
  • all aspects of it, including: the footage (pictures & videos), the narratives, the narrators themselves, the people profiled ... the list goes on.
  • I think it is easy to forget how vast and beautiful America is
  • I also think that is amazing that certain people recognized this over a hundred years ago, and felt a sense of urgency to do something about it.
Pop Culture
  • Last night, my mom was reluctantly watching National Parks with me, and at the conclusion of the segment on the Great Smoky Mountains she jokingly quipped, "I can't believe they didn't even mention Smokey the Bear."
  • ... that got me to thinking that the National Parks have made several appearances in pop culture, including:
  • Smokey the Bear
  • Yogi Bear
  • Yosemite Sam
  • John Denver's Rocky Mountain High
  • the Brady Bunch took a trip to the Grand Canyon
  • ... the Griswolds also stopped by the Grand Canyon on their way to Wally World