18 October 2009

Terrible, Horrible, No Good ...

Along with Where the Wild Things are, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day was one of my favorite books when I was a kid. At the time, Alexander's misfortune seemed more entertaining than anything, but now as a quasi-adult, with bills, student loans, and the hassles of being a grown-up in general, I believe everyone can relate to Alexander, and everything that went wrong during his bad day:
  • he woke up with gum in his hair
  • he tripped on his skateboard getting out of bed
  • he dropped his sweater in the sink
  • at breakfast, his cereal box did not have a prize in it
  • on the way to school, he didn't get a window seat in the car
  • at school his teacher didn't like his drawing of an invisible castle
  • he was criticized for singing too loud
  • he forgot '16' while counting
  • his friend Paul reduces Alexander to being his 3rd best friend
  • there is no dessert in his lunch
  • at the dentist, he finds out he has a cavity
  • the elevator door shuts on his foot
  • his brother pushes him in the mud
  • he gets called a crybaby
  • the shoe store doesn't have the shoes he wants
  • he gets in trouble for making a mess at his dad's office
  • he has to eat lima beans at dinner
  • his bath is too hot
  • he gets soap in his eyes
  • he has to wear the pajamas that he hates
  • his nightlight burns out
  • he bites his tongue
  • his brother steals his pillow
  • and the family cat refuses to sleep with him

... we've all been there.

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