19 October 2009

This is a true story

Call me naive (or Carrie Bradshaw), but I don't back up files, and I had no idea that the 'blue screen of death' existed. That is, until it visited my computer Thursday night.

And by 'my computer' I mean:
  • the Sony Vaio that my parents gave me as an early graduation gift from G.Mason in the fall of 2006
  • the computer that trekked all over NOVA and DC with me, and then followed me back to Newport News, VA
  • the computer that introduced me to Facebook, Shelfari, Blip.fm, and Twitter
  • the computer that has enabled the List
  • the computer that contained bunches of files,
  • over 1000 pictures,
  • and over 3000 songs on iTunes

But life goes on. I keep reminding myself that this is an adventure of sorts, a liberation, a clean slate, a chance to start over, and it is a time to move on ... I'm getting a MacBook next week.

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