30 April 2009

A Farwell to April

The sun was warm but the wind was chill.
You know how it is with an April day.
  • I can't believe it's the end of April
  • I have issues with 'ends'
  • I think it goes with my issues with change
  • although, I don't have issues with the ends of bad movies, or the end of a hangover ... I am just glad to be done with them
  • whatever the case, I have a fond affection for April and May
  • I believe they are the perfect segue from winter to summer
  • April 2009 was not bad at all ... and my biggest adventure was my trip to Boston
  • once there I:
  • drove past Cheers
  • explored Harvard
  • went on the Sam Adams brewery tour
  • had dinner in New Hampshire
  • went to a used bookstore
  • had good drinks with good friends
  • watched Superbad twice
  • explored the Boston waterfront
  • ... and being the nerd that I am, I really liked being on Paul Revere's stomping ground, and exploring Bunker Hill.
  • So long, April ... welcome May!

29 April 2009

Confessions - Cold Treats

  • with warmer temperatures appearing on a more regular basis, my mind wandered to things that I enjoy cold:
  • I chew ice
  • a lot
  • I remember in the 7th grade when I had braces I would break them constantly from chewing ice ... this resulted in multiple unplanned trips to the orthodontist
  • and I enjoy things cold/ frozen that typically are consumed at room temperature such as Oreos and M&M's
  • chocolate ice cream is by far my favorite
  • by "chocolate ice cream" I mean "Breyers chocolate ice cream"
  • I absolutely despise snow cones

27 April 2009

... and today my arm is sore

  • yesterday I played Disc Golf for the first time
  • I was a fumbling mess
  • typically just the boys I hang out with play, but yesterday I decided to tag along with them
  • it was more fun than I thought it would be ... but I don't think I was born to toss a Frisbee into a chain infested basket

  • things that I did wrong:
  • I showed up in a skirt
  • I am out of shape
  • I called it a, "nerd game"
  • my main motivation in going was because it was so sunny out ... and I'm working diligently on a tan
  • while I am 99% left handed for whatever reason I throw a disc (and yield a shotgun in case you were wondering) right handed
  • I can only throw backhands
  • I mentioned more than once that it would be more fun if we had beer
  • I yelled obscenities after the majority of my shots
  • I believe my final score was 16 ... as in 16 above par
  • ... and today my arm is sore

25 April 2009

Sing With Me

  • Dear 23 April 2009 episode of Grey's Anatomy:
  • As per usual, your musical content did not disappoint;
  • ... as a result I found myself purchasing the following from iTunes
  • The Rescues - Stay Over
  • The Rescues - Break Me Out
  • Shady Bard - Summer Came When We Were Falling Out
  • Yeah, I know it spans the spectrum from happy and upbeat down to pretty low.
    But when it comes to music I am a pretty diverse girl.
  • The Rescues has a sound, at times, that really reminds me of Sister Hazel [if they added a girl to their band] ... and Shady Bard is just depressingly good.
  • Both are worth checking out.
  • Happy listening!
  • Fondly,
  • Liz

23 April 2009

A call for transparency

22 April 2009

The Runaround

  • I don't know what has gotten into me ... but I must have had a breakdown at some point, become delusional, and mistakenly believed that I am an 'active' person
  • I decided to do 100 Push Ups which I discovered via LifeInPink's Twitter page
  • then, next month on back to back days I am doing the
  • Filthy 5k Mud Run
  • Lytle Law 5k
  • I also want a good excuse to buy these
  • and today I received my Runner's World Training Log in the mail
  • ... believe me, my fat, lazy, beer drinking, lounging around self is crying on the inside

21 April 2009

Sunny Day

  • this past Thursday night I went to see Sunshine Cleaning
  • my main motivation for seeing the movie was that Emily Blunt was in it ... and I feel a sense of loyalty towards her because of my love for The Devil Wears Prada
  • plus I had a gift card, so I got to go for free
  • since I am not a movie person I did not have high expectations for Sunshine, but I decided to give it a shot
  • I ended up really enjoying the movie
  • it spanned the emotional spectrum
  • obviously there were some really sad parts, but there were also some very uplifting parts
  • ... even some, "are you serious?" moments

20 April 2009

Spring Break Festivities

This past week my good friend, LP, was on spring break as a result of working at an elementary school. Being that I am still refusing to work, we both had an enjoyable week together. Fun included:
  • shopping at MacArthur Mall
  • shopping at the Williamsburg Outlets
  • lunches
  • dinners
  • a trip to the bookstore
  • watching Superbad
  • going to see Sunshine Cleaning
  • ... the week concluded with a cookout turned drunk-fest on Saturday night
  • you know, at 20 this behavior was more acceptable and maybe even considered "cool;" but at 26? - well, what was once cool is now pathetic
  • nonetheless, I consider the week a success ... I have good friends and good times; I am a lucky gal

17 April 2009

No List Friday

I sincerely apologize for my recent neglect of my beloved LifeAsList. Stay tuned, the rest of April will be a superb. 

11 April 2009

Lent Results

  • Lent concluded on Thursday
  • this year I decided to give up drinking alcohol
  • I ended up drinking on 3 occasions:
  • Lindsay's birthday bash
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • and during the trip to Boston
  • ... while I did not go the complete 40 days without a drop of alcohol, I did make the conscious effort not to drink ... and there were times when I was around groups of people drinking and I abstained.
  • Cheers to us all, and
  • Happy Easter

09 April 2009

Yay for May!

May is shaping up to be wildly awesome:
  • May 2nd: Richmond NASCAR Race
  • May 5th: Bruce Springsteen in Charlottesville, VA
  • May 8th - 11th: Las Vegas, NV
  • May 15: Riverrock Mud Run
  • May 25th: Memorial Day Bash

04 April 2009

Train Games

Today, I am taking the train up to Boston. Mainly I am training it because I absolutely despise flying ... especially alone. I have packed myself an activity/ survival kit (what am I? 8 years old?) that includes:

03 April 2009

No List Friday

This weekend I am headed to:
... to hang with some pretty cool cats.

02 April 2009

Word Love

I am quite possibly the world's worst speller, but that doesn't keep me from loving words. Some of my favorites include:
  • behoove
  • bewilder
  • bologna ... only because it is not spelled the way it sounds
  • nonetheless ... 3 words in 1!