29 May 2009

No List Friday

A couple of Friday's back I participated in a mud run.  I had a moment of weakness, and a 5k trail run that ended with crawling through a mud pit seemed like a good idea.  This is the sequence of events:

pre-mud with my brother

post run/mud with my brother ... that's as close as he would get to me
my poor kicks

26 May 2009

I'm thinking of a number between 7 and 9

I know I have so much to catch up on, but for today: the Top 50 Text Acronyms Parents Should Know according to netlingo. I think the list ranges from 'funny' to 'seriously?' ... plus most sound straight out of To Catch a Predator.
  • 8 - oral sex
  • 1337 - elite
  • 143 - I love you
  • 182 - I hate you
  • 459 - I love you
  • 1174 - nude club
  • 420 - [guess]
  • adr - address
  • asl - age/ sex/ location
  • banana - penis
  • cd9 - code 9 - parents alert
  • dum - do you masturbate
  • dusl - do you scream loud
  • fb - f --- buddy 
  • fmltwia - f me like the whore I am
  • fol - fond of leather
  • gnoc - get naked on cam
  • gypo - get your pants off
  • iaym - I am your master
  • if - in the front
  • iit - is it tight?
  • ilfd/ ilmd - I like female/ male dominance
  • imezru - I am easy are you?
  • iwsn - I want sex now
  • jo - jack off
  • kfy - kiss for you
  • kitty - vagina
  • kpc - keeping parents clueless
  • lmirl - let's meet in real life
  • moos - member of the opposite sex
  • moss - member of the same sex
  • morf - male or female
  • mos - mom over shoulder
  • mpfb - my personal f buddy
  • nalopkt - not a lot of people that know
  • nifoc - nude in front of the computer
  • nmu - not much you?
  • p911 - parent alert
  • pal - parents are listening
  • paw - parents are watching
  • pir - parent in room
  • pos - parent over shoulder
  • pron - porn
  • q2c - quick to cum
  • ru18 - are you over 18
  • ruh - are you horny?
  • s2r - send to receive
  • sorg - straight or gay?
  • tdtm - talk dirty to me
  • wycm - will you call me?

19 May 2009

Top 26

The Washingtonian has recently released their 26 Reasons to Love Washington:
  1. You can see the sky
  2. The Obamas are our neighbors [debatable]
  3. Library of Congress
  4. You can discover the world here
  5. Star sightings
  6. Women have real choices
  7. The mix of North and South
  8. Employers want to be here
  9. The Caps
  10. Our kids speak many languages [seriously?]
  11. It's clean
  12. The backdrops
  13. The expressions of tourists
  14. We live where others just visit
  15. The attention to detail in the city
  16. We have experts in everything
  17. It's always surprising
  18. Our cabbies [excuse me?]
  19. Our city is filled of intellectuals
  20. There are more idealists here than anywhere else
  21. Uniqueness is celebrated
  22. You can feel at home
  23. The aura of excitement
  24. Museums
  25. We're inventing the future
  26. You never know who you're going to meet at a party

14 May 2009

Confessions - Grey's Anatomy

  • Tonight is the season finale of Grey's Anatomy
  • Grey's is my guilty pleasure
  • I completely understand how fake it is, especially the fact that the overwhelming majority of the doctors are good looking ... do hospitals like that really exist?
  • nonetheless I have kept up with the show since it started
  • this season has been especially good
  • I think it has some of the best narratives on t.v.
  • the music featured on the show is also amazingly good ... who had heard of The Fray or Get Set Go (you probably still haven't heard of Get Set Go, but you'd recognize their music from the show) before Grey's?
  • Did you watch last weeks episode?
  • ... I did not get a chance to watch it until today ... as per usual it did not fail to deliver
  • These are the scenes that got me teary eyed:
  • when Alex was talking to the lone survivor of the car crash ... and she recited her speech
  • when Izzie realized the wedding dress was for her
  • when Izzie told Christina she was the maid of honor because she tried to save her life and that was an honorable thing to do
  • ... and pretty much throughout the entire wedding scene, but especially when Alex was talking.
  • I have mixed feelings about tonight's show ... I doubt Izzie will bounce back with her tumor magically disappearing, and then everyone vacation in Hawaii together to celebrate 
  • ... but I can hope

Lil' Bits of Happy

Coming soon:
  • warm weather
  • sunny days
  • fun sunglasses
  • summer reading
  • summer dresses
  • the beach
  • getting a tan
  • cookouts
  • sitting outside at bars
  • ice cold brews
  • corn hole
  • ... bring on the fun

13 May 2009

To Vegas and Beyond

  • This past weekend I headed to Las Vegas with some pals; it was similar to the trek I made there 2 years ago
  • on the flights I got to watch Yes Man and Marley & Me ... I enjoyed them both
  • ... I don't enjoy flying
  • but I survived
  • the weather there was amazing ... in the 90's and sunny
  • Friday night I went to see the Dave Matthews concert at MGM
  • Saturday night I was able to get in to see the encore
  • Vegas is interesting to me because of the people that are there
  • you definitely cannot beat the people watching opportunities ... I have never seen a more interesting array of class mixed with trash ... mixed with lots of Mexicans passing out cards for prostitutes
  • aside from the inevitable mass amounts of walking that are required to get around the strip (and the air travel) I would say the trip was a complete success, and a nice break from the monotony of VA

08 May 2009

No List Friday

NASCAR in Richmond

Bruce Springsteen in Charlottesville, VA

Today: headed to Las Vegas for the weekend

07 May 2009

Poor men wanna be rich, rich men wanna be king

Last August I went to see Bruce Springsteen in Richmond, VA with my mom; Tuesday night we saw him in Charlottesville, VA.
  • I once again had a wonderful time
  • First of all, we stayed at The English Inn:
  • It looks exactly like the faux town that the Big Bad Wolf zips through.
  • Anyway, the concert:
  • it was very different from last year in Richmond
  • not bad, just different
  • the sound quality was 100x better, which was a pleasant surprise
  • like last August, I was forced to tune out Bruce's liberal propaganda ... I have to remind myself that nobody's perfect.
  • song highlights included:
  • Badlands, Adam Raised A Cain, Kingdom of Days, Born to Run, Thunder Road
  • ... and 2 songs that if you're not familiar with Springsteen you have probably never heard of: Spirit In the Night & Tenth Avenue Freeze Out. Listening to the album version of these 2 especially, do not do them justice ... it's an entirely different experience to hear (and see them performed) live.
  • it's amazing what they do on stage 
  • they play good music,
  • the energy they emit is amazing, (... especially if you factor in their ages)
  • there was plenty of fist pumping, clapping, hand waving, and screaming from the crowd ...
  • the die hard fans are an entity in their own right.
  • I can only imagine how crazy/ amazing they must have been during their 'glory days'
  • not a bad way to spend a Tuesday evening

03 May 2009

Start Your Engines

  • Friday I headed up to Richmond to check out the Nationwide Race
  • think what you may, but a day at the track is quite fun/ entertaining/ interesting to say the least
  • a few years ago I got to go to a Sprint Cup Series race, and this was my first Nationwide race
  • it was nice because it was generally less rowdy than the Sprint race, far less crowded, which in turn translated into far less of a headache getting out of Richmond after the race.
  • leading up to the race, there are things to keep you occupied all day-
  • interactive displays, cars to look at, free things to collect from:
  • Combos
  • Klondike Bars
  • Hellman's Mayonnaise
  • Lipton
  • Chevy tee-shirts
  • Miracle Grow (Seriously ... who decided potting soil was cool?)
  • Tylenol
  • Prilosec ... to compliment to barbeque competition
  • posters
  • pictures
  • cups
  • lanyards
  • key chains
  • all sorts of coozies
  • every brand of chewing tobacco that exists; 
  • and you can't beat the people watching ...
  • the diversity of the crowd spans the spectrum of the socioeconomic scale 
  • there are, of course, the fair amount of country rednecks ... easily spotted for their lack of shirts, beer bellies, and beer in hand (they tend to stay in the fields tailgating throughout the day, until it is time to migrate to the track)
  • people who appear to be far more concerned with having the newest gear of their favorite driver than investing in a 401k ... most likely they are unaware of what the heck a 401k is
  • yuppie families ... seriously
  • dogs wearing NASCAR bandannas
  • ... and just lots of your run of the mill NASCAR fans.
  • the race itself was fun to watch
  • unfortunately Kyle Busch won ... but hearing (and seeing) the crowd's reaction to him when he was introduced at the beginning of the night, and after he won was refreshing.
  • It's nice to see that NASCAR fans find common ground in their hatred for Kyle.

01 May 2009

No List Friday

These were so cool until you ate half of it and then tried to save the rest ... and it magically turned gross