29 January 2010

No List Friday

All sorts of rumors about snow this weekend ... bring it.

21 January 2010

Anatomy of being unable to sleep

  • tinker around online
  • read
  • think, 'a mocha from Starbucks would be good right now'
  • re-think, 'who needs a mocha this late?'
  • begin an endless cycle of thoughts, including:
  • ugh, I have bills to pay
  • ugh, I don't have a job
  • ugh, I don't really want a job
  • ugh, well, if I enjoyed the work I was doing, I guess I wouldn't mind working
  • ugh, I'm not smart/ not creative/ not talented/ not driven
  • ugh, stop feeling sorry for yourself ... things aren't that bad
  • think about getting a bowl of ice cream, but never do
  • wonder if The Deep End is going to be a good show
  • remind myself that most of what is on t.v. is dumb
  • watch 2 episodes of Sex and the City on TBS
  • read some more
  • make list about being unable to sleep
  • doodle
  • conclude list
  • retire 'til daylight

20 January 2010

Movie See, Movie Do

The list of movies I want to see seems to correlate with the list of books I want to read ... begging the question, what do I do with all of my free time? Whatever the case, I want to see:

  • Away We Go
  • Taking Woodstock
  • Where the Wild Things Are
  • New Moon
  • Up in the Air
  • Valentine's Day
  • Grey Gardens
  • The Young Victoria
  • Shutter Island
  • Amelia
  • The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt

18 January 2010

2010, time keeps on rolling

live high, live mighty, live righteously

Who doesn't have goals for the year? I have come to the conclusion that there is a fine line between challenging oneself and torturing oneself ... apparently I like to dance on that line. Nonetheless, 2010, let's rumble!
  • read more ... there are so many books waiting to be tampered with; start here.
  • write more.
  • go vegan for a month.
  • forgo eating at any restaurant whatsoever (including fast food) for a month.
  • Liz v. Food Challenge: Purchase and eat a "Baconator Triple" from Wendy's. 3/4 pound of meat, 86 grams of fat, 1330 calories; is there any question as to why America is fat? (... and clearly the Triple Baconator cannot coincide with the vegan month.)
  • start running/ exercising again
  • ... additionally, run in a 10k or 10-miler at some point during the year.
  • win the Lottery.
  • fly ... anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely despise flying, and I mean, ugh! gross, humans belong on the ground hate flying ... but it looks like I will be flying up to Boston at the end of February ... alone (albeit surrounded by strangers) ... on a flight of doom.

16 January 2010

Say What!?

Earlier this week, the Final Jeopardy question/ answer referenced the 8 parts of speech ... would you have known them?
  • verb
  • noun
  • pronoun
  • adjective
  • adverb
  • preposition
  • conjunction [junction, what's your function?]
  • interjection

14 January 2010

2009, I shall miss you the most

Question: Liz, what was the best decision you made in 2009?
Answer: I chose not to work.

It's cool, you can call me: idealistic, hippie, stupid, loser, unemployed, spoiled, entitled ... I still stand behind my decision to check out for 2009. I was able to travel, spend time with friends and family, not answer to 'the man.' ... I pretty much lived the life I wanted to live.

Specifically, I:
  • went to the We Are One Inauguration Concert.
  • ran ... in addition to the Shamrock 8k, I also did the Filthy 5k Mud Run in Richmond, along with 4 other 5k's throughout the summer and fall.
  • visited Boston.
  • saw Bruce Springsteen with my mom in Charlottesville, VA.
  • lit up Las Vegas.
  • saw a NASCAR race.
  • watched the Bachelorette Monday nights with good friends.
  • rode my bike, a lot.
  • spent part of Memorial Day weekend in Nags Head, NC with friends.
  • visited with my Grammas on a weekly basis.
  • did not turn down any invites to concerts ... ended up seeing No Doubt, Kenny Chesney, DMB, and Rascal Flatts throughout the summer.
  • worked at summer camp.
  • loved summer camp.
  • went to Myrtle Beach with my family.
  • went to Busch Gardens bunches of times ... bid a fond farewell to the Big Bad Wolf with good friends.
  • trekked out to Knoxville, TN for a long weekend.
  • Sailed from Virginia to Florida.
  • Spent Thanksgiving on a train headed to VA.
  • flew up to New York with my mom and sister for a long weekend before Christmas.
... and because of that 2009 was better than the average year.

13 January 2010

09 January 2010

Houston, we have a problem

My eyes are bigger than my stomach ... or something like that. My reading speed is unable to keep up with my 'acquiring of new books speed.' Does anyone else have this problem? It just seems that every time I turn around my stack of: to read/ borrowed/ in progress/ stalled/ bought/ found/ stolen/ received as gift/ well, it's used and cheap/ I wasn't going to get this, but I can't resist ... just continues to grow. Therefore I resolve to not (by any on of the aforementioned methods, or any other means not referenced) acquire any more books until I put a legitimate dent in the following: