14 January 2010

2009, I shall miss you the most

Question: Liz, what was the best decision you made in 2009?
Answer: I chose not to work.

It's cool, you can call me: idealistic, hippie, stupid, loser, unemployed, spoiled, entitled ... I still stand behind my decision to check out for 2009. I was able to travel, spend time with friends and family, not answer to 'the man.' ... I pretty much lived the life I wanted to live.

Specifically, I:
  • went to the We Are One Inauguration Concert.
  • ran ... in addition to the Shamrock 8k, I also did the Filthy 5k Mud Run in Richmond, along with 4 other 5k's throughout the summer and fall.
  • visited Boston.
  • saw Bruce Springsteen with my mom in Charlottesville, VA.
  • lit up Las Vegas.
  • saw a NASCAR race.
  • watched the Bachelorette Monday nights with good friends.
  • rode my bike, a lot.
  • spent part of Memorial Day weekend in Nags Head, NC with friends.
  • visited with my Grammas on a weekly basis.
  • did not turn down any invites to concerts ... ended up seeing No Doubt, Kenny Chesney, DMB, and Rascal Flatts throughout the summer.
  • worked at summer camp.
  • loved summer camp.
  • went to Myrtle Beach with my family.
  • went to Busch Gardens bunches of times ... bid a fond farewell to the Big Bad Wolf with good friends.
  • trekked out to Knoxville, TN for a long weekend.
  • Sailed from Virginia to Florida.
  • Spent Thanksgiving on a train headed to VA.
  • flew up to New York with my mom and sister for a long weekend before Christmas.
... and because of that 2009 was better than the average year.

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