21 January 2010

Anatomy of being unable to sleep

  • tinker around online
  • read
  • think, 'a mocha from Starbucks would be good right now'
  • re-think, 'who needs a mocha this late?'
  • begin an endless cycle of thoughts, including:
  • ugh, I have bills to pay
  • ugh, I don't have a job
  • ugh, I don't really want a job
  • ugh, well, if I enjoyed the work I was doing, I guess I wouldn't mind working
  • ugh, I'm not smart/ not creative/ not talented/ not driven
  • ugh, stop feeling sorry for yourself ... things aren't that bad
  • think about getting a bowl of ice cream, but never do
  • wonder if The Deep End is going to be a good show
  • remind myself that most of what is on t.v. is dumb
  • watch 2 episodes of Sex and the City on TBS
  • read some more
  • make list about being unable to sleep
  • doodle
  • conclude list
  • retire 'til daylight

1 comment:

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog. I think I had 99% of these thoughts last night. Replace job with boyfriend though...

    Love it!