27 February 2010

Countdown to Misery

I have decided that during the month of March I am going to live as a vegan. Oh geez, what the heck have I signed up for? These are a few of my favorite things I will be going without for the 31 days of March:
  • M&M's
  • chocolate ice cream
  • Oreo Cookie Blizzards
  • Starbuck's Mochas
  • chicken salad
  • tuna salad
  • barbeque
  • pizza
  • pastrami subs
  • all other forms of meat
  • eggggggs
  • cheese
  • string cheese
  • cheese on pizza
  • cheese on tacos
  • cheese on salad
  • mac & cheese
  • cheese on sandwich's
  • cheese on burrito bowls
  • cheese on cheese
  • cheese omelets
  • cheeseburgers
  • cheese & crackers
ok, I'm ending the list because I am getting depressed and hungry.


  1. why would you do this? no cheese = :(

  2. haha, I have been asking myself that the past 2 days! ... apparently I enjoying dancing on the fine line dividing challenge and torture :D