16 February 2010

Do or Die

I put forth a lot of effort to avoid crappy t.v. but it just seems to follow me around, I swear. Have you seen that new show on MTV called The Buried Life? I actually haven't either, but I have seen the commercials, and I did check out the website. Long story short: four guys traveling around crossing stuff off their 100 item bucket list. My favorites include:
  • #3 get a tattoo
  • #9 destroy a computer
  • #25 drive across North America
  • #44 catch something and eat it
  • #65 learn to sail
  • #76 go dog sledding
  • ... and who could resist:
  • #79 dance with Ellen Degeneres
  • #100 go to space

I am cool? Here are a few things that the boys have yet to do ... but I have:
  • #11 get a college degree
  • #48 skydive
  • #54 donate blood
  • #62 be in a protest
  • #88 jump off a waterfall
I'm totally hooked on these boys; they seem so free spirited and hip. Want more? ... check out their complete list.

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